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Free USA Shipping over $45

Chalcedony Pyramid Power Metaphysical Healing Benefits Stone (1.6")

  • CHALCEDONY PYRAMID: Welcome a unique and uncommon stone into your collection when you choose this Chalcedony Healing Pyramid. The red beauty boasts blue and lavender patterns, powerfully activating both you earthy lower chakras and spiritual upper chakra. This is just the refreshing new crystal you were looking to add to your collection of positive and beneficial healing stones.
  • CHALCEDONY MEANING: Chalcedony is a stone of kindness. It is just what you need in today's world full of hostility, violence, and selfishness. Chalcedony reminds you to stop bullying, and stop being bullied. Use it to foster group stability at home, work, or during recreation. Chalcedony soothes your mood and gets you pumped up for teamwork. 
  • ORIGIN, CHAKRA & AFFIRMATION: This stone comes from spiritual India. It opens your Root, Throat, and Crown Chakras. Jasper is the birthstone for zodiac sign Aries. The affirmation for this pyramid is "I embody unique originality".
    • PYRAMID MEANING: Pyramids are sacred geometrical shapes that hold the wisdom of Your ancestors. They bring you universal knowledge and truth from above.
    • 100% HAPPINESS: Why choose Satin Crystals? Simple. We only send you the best, hand-picked treasures. We don't sling out random rocks like the rest.


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