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Free USA shipping for orders $50+

Copper Cube Solid Energy Healing Alchemist Metal Paperweight Stone

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  • Your cube is made of gorgeous heavy Copper. The six-sided block is glossy with natural textured patterns and contains grooves or ridges.

  • Copper is a conductive metal element that will draw positive energy to you. It helps cleanse away negative energy from your aura and protects from bad influence. Copper was prized in temples, used to adorn Gods and Goddesses, and prized in Alchemy.

  • Measures 1.7 inches diagonally (1x1x1 inch sides).

  • Limited Edition. Receive one unique stone from an elite hand selected Satin Crystals collection


Ask a Question
  • I have a question! I purchased a copper cube from your store. I was wondering if you could tel;l what kind of quality the copper is for Ayurvedic use in water? I thought I would use the copper on the body in my healing work but I may want to use it overnight in a glass of water for the copper benefits if it was of proper quality.

    Hi, Thank you for your purchase. Because we are unsure of the "kind of quality" of the copper, I would err on the safe side and advise against using it as an elixir. It is definitely great for all other healing works though. Sincerely, Lisa Satin