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Fossil Gonioceras Gift Plate 4.25" Holder & Charger of Crystals, Stones, Jewelry (Moment in Time)

  • Finally an easy and classy way to cleanse and energize your crystals, stones, and jewelry. The gemstone plate is full of ancient Gonioceras Fossils which will infuse whatever is placed atop it with energy of Earth and wisdom of your ancestors. It can be displayed in any home, whether you're a lover of vintage collectibles or modern urban decor.

  • Your intriguing Gonioceras dish has white shell-like fossils of the extinct cephalopod suspended in a matrix, forever in time. It is from North America, and guaranteed authentic by Satin Crystals.

  • Fossils help you to ditch old programming and bad habits that have carried over from past lives and still haunt you int the present. They help you establish a fresh perspective, encouraging innovation and openness to new ideas.

  • This is a one-of-a-kind Reiki-infused gemstone, hand selected by Satin Crystals for its high quality and beauty. Please click on the size and pattern you like to see photos of the exact stone you will be getting.


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