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Green Aventurine Blue Angelite Egg Set Divine Love Gemstones

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  • ANGELITE AND AVENTURINE EGG PAIR: You receive this pair of precious eggs, containing one blue Angelite stone and one glistening Green Aventurine stone. It is a great pair to bring gentle and divine love energy into your life. They are polished smooth to a shiny, yet both natural lines and patterns across the surface.

  • ANGELITE MEANING: Angelite is just as heavenly as you imagine it to be. Through Angelite, you can kindly summon archangels, guardian angels, and even Earth angels like the angel of parking spaces. Keep Angelite near at all times so when things aren't going your way, you can ask your angels to help. Channel celestial messages from above with this high energy stone that enlightens the Crown, Third Eye, and Throat Chakras. 

  • AVENTURINE MEANING: Aventurine is only meant for those who want a life of abundance, fortune, and wealth. It breaks you free of the poverty-mindset that has been sabotaging your success. Pursue goals passionately and revel in results. This fantastic financial feng shui crystal can also bring prosperity of love, happiness, relationships, or anything else you desire. It opens the Heart Chakra to a state of immense love.

  • ONE OF A KIND: Feel good knowing you receive the exact stones seen here.

  • SIZE: 1.8 inches each, 6.1 ounces in total weight.


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