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Free USA shipping for orders $50+

Fossil Heart 02 Brown Shell Crystal Healing Stone Earth Geology History Mineral Rock 3.1"

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  • Your heart is made genuine ancient fossil crystals. it is a soft brown, with interesting shell type inclusions. It is mostly polished, yet parts are left rough and jagged, and give it a true-to-earth natural vibe. A unique gift of love. Receive the exact one featured when you order from Satin Crystals.
  • Fossils assist you in ditching old 'programming,' habits and past-life carry-overs. This helps you establish a fresh perspective and encourages innovation and receptivity. Since a Fossil is a record of the past, they are useful in addressing any issues or blocks concerned with your own past, or even communicating with the ancients of Earth, other planets which may have seeded Earth, and ancestral spirits


  • Measures: 3.1"x2.9"x1"
  • Weighs: 7.4oz


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