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Fossil Trilobite Ancient 400 Million Years Anthropod Rock Matrix History

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  • TRILOBITE FOSSIL SHELL: Learners, explorers, science and history lovers, and metaphysical healers love rare and powerful pieces like this ancient Trilobite Fossil on matrix. It is a unique token of time, history, earth, and sea all in one. What an incredible and versatile piece that you can use for astral travel, past life regression, and even grounding to Earth. The fossil sits proudly on matrix rock, just perfect for displaying as a rarity in your growing collection of marvelous minerals.

  • FOSSILS MEANING: Fossils help you to ditch old programming and bad habits that have carried over from past lives and still haunt you in the present. They help you establish a fresh perspective, encouraging innovation and openness to new ideas. Since a Fossil is a record of the past, they are useful in addressing any issues or blocks concerned with your own past and ancestral spirits.

  • TRILOBITE ORIGIN: Your fossil specimen is an ancient trilobite on the rock matrix. The 400,000,000-year-old extinct creature belongs to the anthropoid family of the Morocco sea.

  • CHAKRA HEALING, ELEMENT & AFFIRMATION: Trilobites energize the Root Chakra. It corresponds to the Water element. The affirmation for this stone is "Ancient wisdom comes my way."

  • SIZE: 2.5 Inches, approximately.


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