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Free USA Shipping over $50

God Angel Labradorite 2.5" Premium Rainbow Crystal Figurine Supernatural Energy Protective Guardian Stone P01

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  • Your crystal is a divine labradorite angel statue. It is charcoal grey with flash rainbows. The attractive angel bring divine love and healing. It stands proud with wings spread and hands in prayer. Receive one unique stone per order from an elite hand select Satin Crystals collection.

  • Labradorite deflects unwanted energies. It helps generate motivation and enhances the rainbows of your personality. An excellent tool for those practicing metaphysics and the supernatural.

  • 2.5 x 1.5 x 1 inch.


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  • Hello I was wondering if you could help me be closer to God and the archangels angels and saints and receive their healing and blessings and protection awhile back I was involved with some bad people and they had gotten me involved with bad stuff including evil spirits like succubus and incubus I think they are still messing with me to this day and I want it to stop I want to be in the light and completely away from the darkness please help me if you can . Whenever I dream at night I am still seeing these spirits and they mess with me and try to seduce me I wish it would stop I want to astral travel and have good dreams and see God and angels and not be involved with all this other craziness you know what I mean.i used to be very vibrant and reach higher planes of reality but I don't even feel the higher vibrations anymore when I hold a crystal I can't feel the vibrations anymore I don't know how to get back what I lost please help me if you can your friend adam

    Hi Adam,   Thank you for sharing your story. It sounds like you could benefit from a two-fold process. First of all, you need to use protection methods to keep the evil spirits away. Second step is to engage in spiritual practices and methods to connect with the higher beings that you wish to meet.   It sounds like you could benefit from cleansing the energy of the house/room with sage, and then surrounding the room with protective stones. I recommend our Protection Crystals to Keep you Safe article with more information, including mention on protection from spirits.   We have a lot of articles about Meditation Crystals that can help raise your vibration.  I recommend you check out our entire Directory of Healing Blogs to see what is of interest to you.    I hope that helps you start on your journey, and if you have any specific questions please write to us again. Thank you,   Lisa Satin