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Lapis Sphere Earth Element Potion Stone Land Water Wind Crystal Ball

  • LAPIS LAZULI SPHERE OF HEALING ENERGY: Your new Lapis ball puts the world in your hands with its natural  Earth features. This ball teaches you to be the ruler of your life and to create the world you desire. It helps you say no to being pushed around and tricked into doing things that don't benefit your spirit. The Lazuli orb fits perfectly in your palm for meditation. Display it as an attractive art deco in any space. It is a favorite among men and women, charming all who gaze upon it.

  • LAPIS EARTH ELEMENTS STONE: Get the best of Earth elements in your Lapis Lazuli gem: blue water meets grey clouded winds to form a Wiccan magic energy. Your ball has a unique mixture of rich royal blues and grey, with a dash of brown pyrite inclusions- rugged and stunning all at once.

  • LAPIS LAZULI MEANING: Lapis Lazuli is the stone of total awareness, expanding your mind to new ideas and concepts. It opens the Third Eye Chakra so that you can live intuitively and correctly rather than being bogged down by an overactive mental mind and ego. With Lapis, you can get in touch with your Spirit Guides and wise Higher Self through meditation. Lapis helps you manifest your thoughts to reality.
  • BIRTHSTONE, CHAKRA STONE & AFFIRMATION: Lapis Lazuli is the birthstone for the horoscope signs Aquarius and Taurus. It heals the Third Eye Chakra. The affirmation for this ball is "Take it easy and ride the tide".

    • CRYSTAL BALL READING: Crystal balls are timeless treasures used throughout history for gazing and scrying by shamans and spiritual leaders. Fortune tellers, psychics, and clairvoyants use crystal ball gazing to see visions of the past, present, and future. The sphere represents perfection, unity, infinity, and the circle of life.

    • 100% HAPPINESS: Why choose Satin Crystals? Simple. We only send you the best, hand-picked treasures. We don't sling out random rocks like the rest. Happiness guaranteed and easy returns.


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