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Free USA shipping for orders $50+

Leopard Jasper Tumbled Stones Set of 10 Patterned Red Yellow Crystals

Only 5 left in stock - order soon.
  • Your new crystal healing set includes ten Leopard Jasper tumbled stones. Leopard Jasper shows a mottle of warm colors resembling its namesake's fur coat. These patterned red and yellow stones are chunky and smooth, but retain some organic dips and craters.

  • You will receive one set of stones per order, arriving in a Kraft gift box. Each stone and set will vary slightly from the others and from the pictures. 

  • Stone Properties: Leopard Jasper healing stones help to connect with your spirit animal, providing guidance and protection during your life's journey. The stone brings harmony between the wearer and their environment. Use Leopard Jasper to increase endurance, stimulate imagination and reduce anxieties. Leopard Jasper helps open and balance the Sacral and Root Chakras.

  • Stone Shape: Tumbled stones are smoothed over time by running water, weathering or by humans in rock tumblers. These shiny natural stones are easily transportable and versatile in energy healing to create crystal grids, place on the chakras, make gem elixirs, etc.

  • Chakra Healing: Root Chakra

  • Measures: approximately 1 to 1.5 inches, each

  • Weighs: approximately 9.0 ounces together


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