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Malachite Egg Spirit of Spring Precious Healing Gemstone

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  • Your giant gorgeous crystal is a solid specimen of malachite from Zaire. Stunning green swirls form hypnotic patterns. Malachite is desirable and attractive with powerful energy. The stone is polished, yet retains natural lines and grooves as intended by Mother Earth.
  • Malachite is known as the Power Stone. It is an altered form of copper. It has a very strong energy to release emotional traumas from the heart. Malachite helps to break bad habits. It allows you to take responsibility for yourself rather than blaming others. Because it is such a powerful stone, some people like to pair its energies with softer crystals like Rose Quartz.
  • Receive this exact stone pictured when you order from Satin Crystals.
  • SIZE: 3.3 x 2.7 Inches and 1 pound 5.7 ounces.


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