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Meteorite Specimen Gibeon Collectible Timeless Treasure Strong Energy Iron Space Stone Exotic Namibia C50 (Path Pointer- 1.7 Inch, 9.4 Grams)

  • RARE GIBEON METEORITE ROCK: Your shiny new treasure is made from real Gibeon meteorite. Authentic hand picked Gibeon takes you on a journey across space and dimensions so you can escape the sludge of Earthly life from time to time. The collector quality gem displays tastefully in your home or office. Jewelry artisans may wish to feature it as the centerpiece of a necklace, pendant, or pin to benefit from its healing powers all day long.

  • PREHISTORIC GEM FROM SPACE TO NIMIBIA: Gibeon is an iron meteorite that fell in Namibia, Africa during the prehistoric era. It is silver toned with an interesting matrix of cross-sections. The metal rich gem is nice and weighty to hold. It is a limited quantity material, and we encourage you become an exclusive owner of Gibeon before the source is depleted.

  • CHANNELS UNIVERSAL ENERGY: Meteorite space stones channel the energy of the universe into the palm of your hands. This helps clarify your individual life purpose in the grand scheme of things. They are exciting to touch and make fascinating conversational pieces.

  • ONE OF A KIND: Select the desired pattern to see pictures of the exact stone you will receive.

  • SIZE: Information is listed in the title.


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