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Black Tektite Meteorite Collectible Rare Rock Museum Quality Australite in Box Display C50 (Shiva 24mm)

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RARE BLACK TEKTITE SPACE STONE: We happily present you with museum quality real Autralite Tektite. The space stone lifts your spirit beyond the material world and whisk you upon a cosmic journey of self discovery. The black extraterrestrial Meterorite is exactly what you need to infuse mystery and excitement into the daily grind. The elite piece can be displayed in any room as the prize of your collection.

CHERISHED BY INDIGENOUS PEOPLE: Australites come in interesting shapes that are not seen in other Tektites. Indigenous Australians called them "staring eyes" and used Australites as sacred objects and cutting tools. Scientists believe they are the result of a large comet or asteroid that impacted Earth almost one million years ago.

MUSEUM QUALITY AUSTRALITE METEORITE: You have selected premium quality Tektite. It has been marked and registered by the South Australian Museum. This Tektite comes from Old Burra Creek of Morgan, South Australia. It is an extremely limited material offered by Satin Crystals. What a great opportunity for you to take ownership of real Australite before it becomes fully excavated and unavailable.

ZERO GRAVITY DISPLAY BOX: Feel happy knowing that your gem comes in an attractive, secure Satin Crystals case. The exquisite and upscale black leatherette suspension box makes your treasure appear as though floating in zero gravity. This collectible displays tastefully in your home or office, or can be presented as an extraordinary gift to someone special.

ONE OF A KIND: This one-of-a-kind gem is 24 x 10 x 6 millimeters and 1.9 grams. You receive the exact piece seen in the pictures.


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