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Moldavite Meteorite Angel Chime Gift of Heaven Extra Rare Set

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  • RARE ANGEL CHIME MOLDAVITE GEM WITH STRIKER STONE: This Moldavite Angel Chime sings the song of heaven when you drop the smaller striker stone on it. Rare and celestial, this little set is for that special soul who is one in a billion.

  • WHAT IS ANGEL CHIME MOLDAVITE? Angel Chime Moldavite is not a variety of Moldavite, but rather a classification for Moldavite that makes a very special sound. When struck against another piece of Moldavite, it makes an unusual sound that is more metallic than ordinary Moldavite.

    The chime of the angel can be heard if you rub its surface or strike it against any object that will get it to ring. We do not recommend striking the meteorite harshly, as it may break. Therefore, gently dropping another Moldavite onto your Angel Chime is the best way to hear it sing.

    The special sound of Angel Chime is due to the internal stress within the Moldavite.  This can sometimes be observed visually by examining the internal structures of the piece.

    Less than 1% of Moldavite is Angel Chime Moldavite. The rare and melodic Angel Chime is said to be a gift from the angels and allows you to make an easy connection with your guardian angels, archangels, and the entire angelic realm.

  • MOLDAVITE ORIGIN: Your prized gemstone is sourced from the Chlum region of the Czech Republic. It boasts attractive green glassy textures and whimsical clarity. The exclusive limited material can be found only in Czech localities. It originated from a specific meteor impact that struck millions of years ago. Satin Crystals Moldavite is guaranteed authentic. Order it today to become an exclusive owner of true Moldavite before it is fully mined and unavailable.

  • METEORITE METAPHYSICAL MEANING: Meteorite space stones channel the energy of the Universe into the palm of your hands. They are exciting to touch and make interesting conversation starters. Working with authentic Meteorites fosters feelings of eternal connection to all living beings and helps to clarify your individual life purpose in the grand scheme of things.

  • SIZE: "Angel Chime" is a one-of-a-kind gemstone set. The cathedral measures 1.6 diagonally (1.5H x 0.2L x 0.4W inches). The striker is a 0.25 inches pebble. Together they weigh 6.5 grams.


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