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Free USA Shipping over $50

Moldavite Ring Faceted Green Meteorite Sterling Silver Gemstone Oval

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  • Take yourself to higher vibrations with this genuine Moldavite meteorite ring. This gemmy green variety of Tektite was discovered in the Czech Republic around 14.8 million years ago. This magnificent gemstone has been polished and faceted into a brilliant oval and set in a sterling silver ring to easily slip on your finger.
  • Moldavite is a Meteorite of intense frequency and high vibration. It is an ancient and mystical stone that brings good luck and fulfillment of wishes.

  • You receive one Moldavite ring per order from a handselected Satin Crystals collection.

  • Ready to gift in a Satin Crystals jewelry box.

  • Moldavite measures 8x6mm - 9x7mm, varies slightly.


Ask a Question
  • Can I continue wearing my moldavite necklace with cracked line in,the middle it fell off while taking it off before showering?

    Hi! Thanks for posting your question. The Moldavite is fine to wear with cracks. As you know, most gemstones will show some kind of cracks and inclusions within the stone. As long as it is not physically falling apart it is perfectly safe to wear. 
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