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Free USA Shipping over $45

Obsidian Rainbow Sphere Crystal Healing Ball XL Yellow Eye Protective Gazing Stone C01 (5")

  • OMINOUS CAT EYE GUARDIAN: Indulge yourself in the powerful force of this huge and stunningly handsome Rainbow Obsidian ball. The silky smooth piece has been carefully selected for its striking greenish yellow cat like eye. It is pleasing to gaze upon, and the perfect large size for serious intensive astral travels, shamanic journeying, and meditations. The Obsidian orb wards off evil and negativity while making an attractive display in your home or office.

  • RAINBOWS BRIGHTEN YOUR LIFE: You have selected an impressive Satin Crystals Rainbow Obsidian gemstone formed from natural volcanic activity. Rainbow Obsidian appears black in normal setting, but when you view it under a strong flashlight or direct sunlight, the colors come alive at the correct angles of light. These photos were taken with strong flash to reveal the breathtaking rainbows.

  • PROTECTION FROM NEGATIVE PEOPLE: Obsidian is the absolutely best stone to protect you from outside negativity. The drab energy of pessimistic coworkers, customers, strangers, or even family members are reflected off the stone so they do not enter and taint your aura field. Obsidian is a requirement for healers to have during sessions so that the baggage of clients are not passed on to the therapist. Obsidian helps you cope with emotional and physical pain.

  • ONE OF A KIND: This is a one of a kind gem from Satin Crystals. You receive the exact piece seen in the pictures.

  • SIZE: 5 inches & 5.9 pounds.


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