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Free USA Shipping over $45

Obsidian Black Pyramid Protective Power Sacred Wisdom Stone

  • Tap into saintly wisdom and spiritual powers with this glossy Black Obsidian pyramid. It serves as your energetic gatekeeper, blocking out negative people and forces who are trying to stifle your success, therefore allowing your goals to become reality. The well-crafted and polished pyramid stands tall as a beacon of energy, bringing protection and guardianship over your space. You can never have enough.

  • Size: Pyramids are measured diagonally.

  • You have selected an impressive Satin Crystals Obsidian pyramid sourced from the volcanoes of Mexico. With Satin Crystals, you get the real deal.

  • Obsidian is the absolutely best stone to protect you from external negativity. The drab energy of pessimistic coworkers, customers, strangers, or even family members are reflected off the stone so they do not enter and taint your aura field. Obsidian is a requirement for healers to have during sessions so that the baggage of clients are not passed on to the therapist. Obsidian helps you cope with emotional and physical pain.

  • Pyramids are sacred geometrical shapes that hold the wisdom of our ancestors. They bring you universal knowledge and truth from above.

  • This is a limited-edition Satin Crystals gemstone. You receive one unique Reiki-infused piece from this exclusive classic collection. It has been hand selected for positive energy and charm.


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  • looking for a pyramid Stone that is 4 to 5" tall , typical / standard dimensions, prefer single natural stone not layered with various stone/crystals

    Hi, thank you for your inquiry. We do not have 4-5" tall pyramids at the moment. We have had these larger pyramids in the past, but they are currently sold out. Let us know which stones you prefer so that we can update you when we have some back in stock and put it in our priority list for next shopping trip. Meanwhile, our current pyramid stock can be found here: Pyramid Collection. Sincerely, Sheila Satin. You can also email us directly.