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Obsidian Silver Sheen Egg Crystal Healing Protective Stone

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  • CRYSTAL HEALING EGG GEMSTONE: Indulge yourself in this powerful and handsome Obsidian egg. The smooth gemstone is pleasing to hold and serves as your guardian through meditations and Reiki healing. It gets rid of evil and negative energy while making a nice display in your home or office.

  • THE COLORS OF OBSIDIAN: You have selected an impressive Satin Crystals Obsidian egg made from the volcanoes of Mexico. Obsidian is formed from magma activity. Satin Crystals Black, Mahogany, and Spiderweb eggs are polished and glossy. The Rainbow, Silver, and Gold Sheen eggs look black at first, but when you place them under a strong flashlight or sunlight, the colors come alive.

  • OBSIDIAN HEALING PROPERTIES: Obsidian is the best stone to protect you from negative energy. Bad energy of coworkers, customers, strangers, or even family members are transformed into good energy as they enter your aura. Obsidian is important for healers to have during therapy sessions so that the healer does not absorb the issues of a client. Obsidian brings you happiness by helping to resolve emotional pain and drama. It is a November birthstone for Scorpios.

  • EGGS BRING NEW BEGINNINGS: Eggs represent new beginnings and rebirth, reminding you that each day is a fresh new opportunity at life and success. Eggs help you to let go of past traumas and worries so that you can find hope in the present and future.

  • TOP QUALITY SEMI PRECIOUS STONE: This is a beautiful hand-selected Satin Crystals gemstone. You receive one unique crystal from an elite collection.

  • SIZE: 2.6 inches


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