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Rose Quartz Heart Snap Crackle Pop of Love Pink Romance Stone

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  • Love's not always smooth- sometimes you experience a snap, a crackle, a pop. This rugged pink Rose Quartz heart gleams with energy that resembles real-life relationships. It is a passionate bright pink, yet houses deep lines and grooves that get you through the ups and downs of partnership. When you seek a stone that understands, this Rose Quartz heart becomes your best friend.

    Positive Affirmation: "In the journey of love, I experience snaps, crackles, and pops"
    Intentions: Love Crystals
    Chakra Healing: Heart Chakra


    Your new crystal is polished from natural Rose Quartz. This is a dark pink stone with white inclusions and deep surface veins. 

    Hearts are measured by width.

    Stone Origin: India
    Stone Hardness: 7

    Each heart is unique in natural colors, shape, and inclusions. 


    Attract the greatest gift into your life- love. Are you looking for deep and profound connections, both physically and emotionally? Rose Quartz is the stone of romance that is ready to help you find this happiness. Rose Quartz will show you the unfathomable power of an open heart. It activates your Heart chakra center and lights your aura aglow. Learn more in What is Rose Quartz?


      -You seek healthy relationships
      -You want to rekindle romance
      -You want a pop of self-confidence

      Want more? Shop the Rose Quartz Collection.


      Hearts symbolize love for yourself and others. They help draw you to healthy, fulfilling relationships and steer you away from destructive ones. Heart-shaped crystals promote healing through happiness and bonding. Shop the Heart Collection.


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    Ask a Question
    • My heart rose quartz heart fell out my pocket and broke into pieces.what does this mean & should I purchase a new one or just don't?

      Hello! It might be that you have gained the energy you needed from that crystal and now you are ready for something new. You can learn more in this article about lost and broken stones:

      You can follow your intution and it will guide you to the next piece that's right for you at this moment. If you're looking for another heart, this is our current offering:

      Please reach out if you need further assistance :) -Lisa Satin

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