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Free USA Shipping over $45

Rose Quartz Animal Cat 2.5" Roaring Lion Pink Gemstone Figurine

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  • The mighty lion meets love in your new Rose Quartz cat carving. This is a genuine Rose Quartz crystal showing organic veins and planes. The translucent pink gemstone is carved into an intricate lion standing with mouth open. The roaring lion figurine can be placed for display, held during meditation or placed on the heart for chakra balancing. 

  • Rose Quartz healing crystals promote unconditional love and peaceful relationships, making them one of the most important crystals for the the Heart Chakra. 

  • Place Cat figurines facing the front door as the guardians of your home. The sometimes aloof nature of the cat reminds us to step back from an emotionally engaging situation and look at the big picture. 

  • Limited-Edition: You will receive one crystal per order; each stone will vary slightly from the others.

  • Due to the natural state of stones, you may find varying colors, inclusions, veins, surface craters, dips and minerals in the organic crystals. 

  • Measures: approximately 2.5 x 1.7 x 1 inches.


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