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Free USA Shipping over $50

Ruby Fuchsite Pyramid Heart Chakra Love Healing Genuine Gemstone (1.8")

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  • RUBY IN FUCSHITE PYRAMID: Your crystal is made from solid ruby fuchsite. It has been carved into a pyramid, with a tall base. Real red rubies are ringed with green zoisite and embedded naturally in green fuchsite. It is polished to a shine, yet retains some rough grooves and edges native to genuine gemstone. You receive the exact one featured when ordering from Satin Crystals.

  • RUBY FUCHSITE MEANING: Ruby is the stone of Passion and Wealth- helping you to gain and retain both! It stimulates energy and passion for living. It is also the Leadership stone, inspiring, and motivating you to achieve those hidden and not-so-hidden goals! It helps you attract sexual activity and overcome exhaustion and laziness. Fuchsite helps you bounce back from tense situations. It enhances your knowledge regarding holistic medicine and law and justice. Helps you reverse patterns of martyrdom.

  • SIZE: 1.8 W x 1.8  L x1.5 H inches.


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