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Free USA Shipping over $45

Scolecite Ball 51 Angelic White Sheen Pink Crystal Healing Sphere Calming Relaxation Stone 2.2"

  • Measures: 2.2"
  • Weighs: 7.1oz
  • Includes: Satin Crystals gift box
  • Scolecite decrease violence in thought, emotion, and behavior. It helps with spiritual development, and is associated with the crown and third eye chakras.
  • Your sphere is made from attractive and unique scolecite. It is a silky white color, delicate and pristine, with natural pink branch patterns. Your orb is polished smooth to a shine, yet retains lines and patterns across the surface. Scolecite should not be placed in water, and should be handled with care. Receive the exact one pictured when you order from Satin Crystals.


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