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Scolecite Egg Guardian Angel Energy Stone White Silk Healing Crystal

  • SCOLECITE EGG: Your soul melts when you lay your eyes and hands on this silky white Scolecite egg. The pure beauty summons a choir of angels to stay by your side. It gets your crown chakra flourishing with high vibrational thoughts, and your aura glowing of goodness. Select serene Scolecite for blissful meditations and cleansing feng shui of your home and spaces.

  • SCOLECITE MEANING: Scolecite is a stone of spiritual development, accompanying you on your quest to inner peace and deep relaxation. Take a deep sigh of relief as Scolecite cleanses your mind of all the nonsense that's been cluttering it up. The white beauty also breaks apart negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that have been haunting you. Scolecite turns your attention to the divine, the pure, the higher order. Use it for meditation and opening the Crown Chakra.

  • CHAKRA HEALING & AFFIRMATION: Scolecite opens your spiritual crown chakra. The affirmation for this egg is "I was born to feel joy and bliss."

  • EGGS SYMBOLIZE NEW BEGINNINGS: Eggs bring you new beginnings, second chances, and rebirth. Crystal eggs remind you that each day is a fresh new opportunity at life and success. They help you to let go of past traumas and worries so that you can focus on the moment and manifest a hopeful future.


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