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Scolecite Sphere Divine Healing Tranquility Stone White Crystal Ball

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  • SCOLECITE SPHERE: White, silky, and purely bliss, your Scolecite Ball dips into the tranquil pools of your soul to wash away the chaos that surrounds your everyday world. This Scolecite Sphere has a gentle, loving energy that blossoms your spiritual development and helps you heal. It makes a pleasant feng shui piece in any space and is just divine when you hold it for meditation.

  • SCOLECITE MEANING: Scolecite is a stone of spiritual development, accompanying you on your quest to inner peace and deep relaxation. Take a deep sigh of relief as Scolecite cleanses your mind of all the nonsense that's been cluttering it up. The white beauty also breaks apart negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that have been haunting you. Scolecite turns your attention to the divine, the pure, the higher order. Use it for meditation and opening the Crown Chakra.

  • CHAKRA HEALING & AFFIRMATION: Scolecite opens your spiritual Crown Chakra. The affirmation for this sphere is "I refresh your spirit like a gentle breeze."

  • CRYSTAL BALL READING: Crystal balls are perfect sacred geometry timeless treasures. They have been used throughout history for gazing and scrying by spiritual leaders. Fortune tellers, psychics, and clairvoyants do crystal ball gazing to see visions of the past, present, and future. The sphere represents perfection, unity, infinity, and the circle of life.

  • SIZE: 2.3 Inches.


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