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Septarian Egg Dragon Stone Mighty Power Earth Energy Healing

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  • SEPTARIAN EGG: Soar on the back of a mighty dragon when you welcome Septarian into your life. It takes you places far and high, allowing you to achieve new heights. Your egg is full of vivid energy from Earth, Sea, Land, and Air. Hold the Septarian sphere to benefit from its ancient wisdom and totem messages. Your new Septarian egg makes an energetic display piece - a tribute to the past, a gift of the present, and a healing tool of the future.

  • SEPTARIAN MEANING: Septarian gives you a boost of mighty confidence so you feel as strong as a dragon. Go after your goals and command the respect of peers when you have Septarian to guide you. It balances your emotions, untangling you from that messy web of stress and drama. Septarian heals the lower chakras, keeping you strong and rooted.

  • CHAKRA HEALING & AFFIRMATION: Septarian activates your lower Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus chakras. The affirmation for this egg is "I am capable of big and mighty feats".

  • EGGS SYMBOLIZE NEW BEGINNINGS: Eggs bring you new beginnings, second chances, and rebirth. Crystal eggs remind you that each day is a fresh new opportunity at life and success. They help you to let go of past traumas and worries so that you can focus on the moment and manifest a hopeful future.

  • ONE OF A KIND: This is a one of a kind gem that has been Reiki-infused by Satin Crystals. You get the exact stone that you see in the photos.


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