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Sericho Meteorite Pair Rare Alien Energy Space Stone Intergalactic Connection Rocks Collectible C51 (Cosmic Lovers, 23mm)

  • SERICHO SPACE ROCK: This pair of ochre and brown Sericho Meteorites are ready to energize your life experiences. Perfect for astral travel meditations, the star born gems take you on a spiritual journey beyond the realm of imagination. They summon everything you want and transform your desire into reality. The Kenyan rocks bring you the power of abundance through metal element and strenth through stone element. They come in a zero-gravity display case, catching the eye of all who pass by.
  • RARE STONY-IRON METEORITE TYPE: Taking ownership of these Sericho Meteorites means welcoming something amazing into your presence. Sericho was discovered in 2016 by two brothers who were searching for their camels in the desert. However, the rare Stony-Iron Pallasite was known to locals for decades. Stony-Iron Meteorite classification makes up only 1% of the space specimens found on Earth. Your one-in-the-galaxy rock set is raw and fragile, please handle with care.
  • SERICHO HEALING PROPERTIES: Sericho holds the answers for those seeking something, be it spiritual or material. Find what you're looking for when you have Sericho by your side. It keeps you safe during global travels and also out of body journeys.
  • METEORITE DEFINITION: Meteorite space stones give you phenomenal power. They deliver the energy of the universe into the palm of your hands. Time stops as you lay your fingers on the galactic treasure. Meteorites help you understand your purpose in the grand scheme of things.They show you that you're important even as one individual in this giant pool of existence. Meteorites give off an exciting buzzing sensation and make fascinating conversational pieces.
  • ONE OF A KIND: This is a one of a kind gem set from Satin Crystals. 100% Happiness guaranteed or easy return.

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