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Free USA Shipping over $50

Smoky Quartz Druzy Geode Mother Earth's Gemstone Art Display Piece

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  • Your new geode consists of brilliant Druzy Smoky Quartz crystals encased in an Agate stone. Place your geode facing a door so that it will absorb the negative energy of anyone who enters, and transmutes it into positive vibes. The Druzy Quartz geode can be displayed for Feng Shui, home decor and energy healing practices.

  • Translucent sparkling points form a cave within mottled brown stone. The front of the geode is polished smooth and left rocky raw on the outside.

  • Druzy Quartz helps move your life along so you progress nicely instead of being stuck in a stale rut. Smoky Quartz is protective over your home, space, family, and life.

  • One of a Kind. To receive the exact stone featured in the picture, please order from Satin Crystals.

  • 2.5 x 1 inches


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