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Smoky Quartz Heart 03 - Rainbow Brown Stone (2.7 Inches)

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Measures: Approximately 2.7 x 2.6 x 1 inches

  • Weighs: Approximately 6.6 ounces (187 grams)
  • Mineral Facts: Natural Smoky Quartz is polished into your new crystal healing heart. This is a translucent stone with a light smoky brown tint with shiny plane inclusions and spots of rainbow sheen. The unique stone is polished into a puffy heart, smooth but retaining some deep surface craters, veins and pits. This is a one-of-kind Smoky Quartz heart. You will receive the exact healing crystal as pictured when purchased from I Dig Crystals.

    Shape Meaning: Hold stone hearts during meditation, reiki rituals and manifestation practices. Place the heart directly on the chakras during crystal healing grids. Gift hearts to those you care about - friends, family and significant others. Hearts symbolize your love.

    Stone Meaning: Smoky Quartz can balance Yin and Yang energies for better energy flow through the aura. Use Smoky Quartz to counteract electromagnetic radiation from electronics such as computers and cell phones. It is a beneficial stone for those in mourning. Smoky Quartz healing crystals help ground the Root Chakra.

    Thank you for your positive presence at I Dig Crystals!



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