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Free USA shipping for orders $50+

Sodalite Sphere White Lunar Tides Blue Ocean Crystal Healing Ball

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  • Deepen your life experiences with this intense Sodalite ball. White whirlwinds form over a navy and black ocean, representing the changing tides of your life. Hold the crystal sphere in your hand for holistic healing or display it as a constant reminder that you are becoming a better and better person day-by-day.

  • You have selected genuine Sodalite by Satin Crystals. Nature's beautiful gem has been artisan-crafted into this enchanting, timeless treasure. Crystal balls are eternally cherished for their representation of perfection, unity, and infinity.

  • Sodalite will calm your mental angst and relieve stressful thoughts. It corresponds with the Crown and Third Eye chakras, therefore it is the perfect choice to use during intuitive and spiritual healing practices. It helps you understand new ideas and concepts, hence it is excellent for students and philosophers.

  • This is a limited-edition Satin Crystals ball. You receive one unique Reiki-infused piece from this exclusive classic collection. It has been hand-selected for positive energy and charm.


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  • What are the dimensions of the product?

    Hi! This specific listing is for a Sodalite sphere at 1.5 inches. Thank you, Lisa Satin