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Tetrahedrite Raw Gemstone Mineral Pair of Root Chakra Grounding

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  • This unique pair of gems is made from Tetrahedrite. The shiny rocky pieces are nice and weighty, satisfying to hold while you do reiki and holistic healing work. When not held or used in a layout, they continue to be helpful by clearing your space of negativity and warding off evil.

  • Natural Tetrahedrite makes up your new crystal healing mineral set. Tetrahedrite is a metallic black, gray or coppery stone, usually forming in pyramid-like crystals, but may be found in ball-shaped formations, grains or chunky masses.

  • Tetrahedrite helps you organize your thoughts and thus your life. Meditate with Tetrahedrite when you are feeling scatter-brained and confused.

  • 2.5 x 1.7 x 0.5 inches each

  • 10 ounces together


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