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Crown Chakra Quiz

Amethyst Geode - Crown Chakra - Satin Crystals Blog

Is your Crown chakra connected?

Congratulations! You've made it to the top of your chakra ladder. Blast away Crown chakra blockages and you'll be the best you can be.

Once you bust through the ceiling of your Crown chakra, there are no limits. 

Your mind is free. You see the Big Picture. You are connected to your Higher Self. The Law of Attraction is your best friend. What more could you want?

Balance your Crown chakra and watch everything fall into line.

Think you know how to open your Crown? 
Take the quiz and test your Crown chakra knowledge...

  • Why is the Crown chakra like a two-way antenna?

  • What causes imbalances in the Crown chakra?

  • What two colors are associated with the Crown chakra?

  • What other chakra flows vertically like the Crown?

  • Which crystal feels like a spiritual hug?

  • How can you use your crystals to open the Crown chakra?

  • How can you create a physical association with your Higher Self?

Find the answers and much more in your Crown Chakra Healing Guide

sheila of satin crystals with a quartz cluster at her crown chakraYour Path to Chakra Knowledge

Do you feel lost? No direction in life? No connection to the spiritual world? You have a Crown chakra imbalance. 

Learn to open the blockage with healing crystals and you'll be trusting your intuition in no time. 

Never miss out again. Make sure you are part of the Satin Crystals VIP Club to receive all the latest and greatest in the chakra healing world. 

Meanwhile, here are other related links to follow: 

Have questions? We would love to hear your inquiries, comments, stories, and experiences with the Throat Chakra. Post them here on the blog below and we'll get back to you! 

Crowning Glory Crystals

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Sheila Satin - April 27, 2021

Hi James, To learn about the Root chakra, you can start here:

James G - April 27, 2021

Yes I want to learn more about opening up my Root Shakra.
Kind regards

Sheila Satin - August 1, 2020

Hi Holly, thanks for your questions.

We have an article about Crystals to help with anxiety:

And you can shop the Calming Crystals Collection here:

As for Chakras, you can start at the Chakra Guide: or go straight to the Chaka Collection to shop:

Sheila Satin

holly - August 1, 2020

What crystals what best help with axtiety And chakras

Sheila Satin - July 27, 2020

Hi Neko, I don’t see any specific Crystal referenced in your question so in general, yes they are all natural except for goldstone and opalite which are man-made. The natural stones are mind all over the world.

Sheila Satin

Neko - July 27, 2020

Are these crystals real and authentic and if so where are they mined?

Sheila Satin - July 11, 2020

Hi Evelyn, thank you for sharing your story. That is wonderful that you are opening up to your psychic senses, empath feelings, and to the crystal healing world.

Being a whole new world, there is much to learn. If you are looking for specific information on crystal healing, we send out emails every week on all sorts of metaphysical topics. You can join the Satin Crystals VIP club.

We used to teach classes when we had a physical store many years ago, but now we use our knowledge to spread the information through videos, blogs, emails, and crystal descriptions.

Here are other links you may find helpful:

A-Z List of Crystals and their Meanings:

Crystal Healing Tutorials

Crystal Video Tutorials

To find holistic classes and personal guides, we suggest you search for your local healers.
Start out by searching online under categories like Psychic Mediums, Reiki, Spiritual Healers, Alternative Medicine, Supernatural Readers, Spiritual Tarot Readers, Feng Shui Consultant and Spiritual Hypnotherapy.

Yelp: Enter your location and search for practitioners

Google: Enter your location and search for practitioners

You probably also have some gem fairs, metaphysical conferences, psychic fairs, body mind spirit events. Depending on the restrictions due to the pandemic, they may not be operating, but they will have a wealth of information and contacts for you.

Also, try your local metaphysical shops, they will be able to direct you to the right guides, or may be healers themselves.

This should be a good place for you to start and if you need more specific answers, we are standing by!

Sheila Satin

p.s. To answer your other question, the brown stone with sparkles. Please do send a picture. The only thing that comes to mind when you describe it that way as of now is Goldstone, which is a manmade stone.

Evelyn - July 11, 2020

Hi, my names Evelyn and I have like 45 questions. Recently a coworker of mine told me that she could tell that I was empathic, somewhat psychic, and a healer. Along with other things about me she’s couldn’t have possibly known.. before this conversation, I have never ever spoke with OR too her. I didn’t doubt her because what she was saying were things I kind of thought/felt in the background of my mind but never perused. Since my first encounter with her she would make small comments to me like, “you’re coming into money soon” ..which I did…. & “you’ll get the respect you’ve been owed” … which I did…which only further my trust in her. Yesterday a different con worker of mine, told me they had something for me & they were crystals. Which was perfectly aligned, since I started to listen/read books on empaths and they mentioned crystals could be a good starting point for newly aware empaths and psychics..I don’t remember the name of one of the crystals she gave me so I went on an internet search and found your website. I read through the testimony and seen the healer took classes to learn how to work with energies and I’m wondering what kind of classes are out there? How does someone find a personal guide? And oh, the crystal I was given is a dull brown stone with gold specks, would you know what is was? What it does?

Thank you, hope to hear back

Sheila Satin - July 9, 2020

Hello Thabiso, thank you for your email. You have a very common question, so we have addressed it in this blog for you:

Law of Attraction Crystals:

If you still have questions after reading it, please let us know.

Sheila Satin

thabiso - July 9, 2020

Am also straggling in life all the people I was studying with they live luxury lifestyle and have fancy cars and apartment today they see we like a laugh stock cause am poor and am in deep problem financial. My wishes in life it’s to have more more money so that my dream will came true and live a luxury life too I want to know what kind of crystal stones should I use for money that will change my life for good

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