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Free USA Shipping over $50
Free USA Shipping over $50

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  • 10% off your first order as a welcome to Satin Crystals
  • VIP-Only Deals and Specials we don't offer to the masses
  • Monthly Crystal Horoscope according to your astrological sign
  • Guided Meditations and Affirmations for positive Law of Attraction
  • Crystal Calendar fun guidance in the download will be emailed to you right away
  • Informative Videos and Articles on gem-worthy news
  • Pre-launch Parties for our latest collections (you get first dibs!)
  • Free Restringing of all stretch bracelets and beaded necklaces created in our studio
  • Direct Email Access to Sheila & Lisa Satin for all your burning crystal questions
  • Personal Welcome Video because you are a VIP now, watch your inbox

  • Personal Welcome Video

    Remember to confirm your email sign-up, save our email address in your contacts and look for your personal welcome video in your email some time after you sign up! 

    Here are some responses from happy VIP members:

    Wow, thank you Sheila!! as much as I buy things online, no one has ever done a personal thank you video like you. I have watched some or your videos on the crystals and I love it. I already knew I wanted to buy few more things from your store but with this warm welcoming, it just assured me that I am in the right place for my crystals! Thank you!

    "Let me just say, I love the positivity that you send it into the world.  I was so impressed when I got a personalized message with a $10 order, all the while knowing I was about to make quite a large amount in the day to come.  The information you provide is so well thought out and concise and truly helpful! Especially to people like me who are very busy.  I have been an internet shopper since about 2006 and I can't say that I've ever received a video from the owner.  Those special touches really gives the right message out and makes people feel good and special.  Thank you and I can't wait for my crystals.  They're a gift for my daughter and myself for Christmas.  I can't wait to share the video, messages and vast information provided with her come Christmas morning. She will also appreciate the beauty in what you do! Thanks again" - Shauna H

    "OMG thank you Sheila this made my day!!! for real this makes all the difference with any other place id buy from" - Tonia

    "Wow!  Great Job Ladies. Love the video!  I own a female veteran owned small business, its myself and my partner, We are busy and know how hard it is to keep it personal with each customer. love the personal touch, it goes a long way. Bravo!! Thank you."- Lisa 

    "Okay. I have to admit that receiving this video felt kinda awesome! AND it was actually personalized. Da bomb dot com. Very nice marketing touch, Sheila!" - Adonya

    "Nice touch!! I can tell you love this industry and your energy show it. Love, light and blessings." - Tee

    "Thank you for the wonderful video!" - Emma

    "Hi Sheila, thank you for this lovely video message! I received one of my shipments today and everything is beautiful. I look forward to placing more orders with you in the future." Much love, Janessa

    "Thank you for the warm welcome!" - Sloan

    "Thank you for this, Sheila. I'm impressed with your customer service and with your product line. You can be sure we'll be doing business." - Paul

    "Thank you so much Sheila! I am so glad I found your site! This was such a welcome reminder that smaller businesses are so much more personal to work with!" - Megan

    "Thank you so much. Love the personal email. It was great. Made me smile. Thank you." - Claudia

    "Thank you so much sheila! Ive been your customer for over 10yrs and Ever healing bracelet i have has been purchased from I dig Crystals / Sheila Satin crystals , the quality and beauty" - Rita

    "Hi Sheila! Wow, thank you for the personal message back.... It was a nice surprise! I have to admit, I get leery with ordering specialized stuff online but my intuition was directing me to your site! I cannot wait to get the stones." - Christine

    Thank You so much Sheila, your attention/interest in me is much appreciated!I was a bit surprised by this, but neverthless grateful. Best wishes to you as well Beautiful Lady, Stay safe and Happy Easter! - Sofia

    Check out the whole collection of reviews and testimonials. We look forward to welcoming you to the Satin Crystals circle. 

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