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About Satin Crystals

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What's Satin Crystals All About?

Satin Crystals offers high-quality stones, picked for their energies and natural beauty, along with handmade gemstone jewelry created for their healing powers and bold style. This deluxe boutique is run exclusively online by two down-to-earth sisters, Lisa and Sheila Satin.

Satin Crystals came into existence in 2001 when our late father, Sunny Satin, and mother, Ann Satin, started teaching Crystal Healing and Hypnotherapy courses to curious students around the world. After a few years of lugging heavy stones through airports and selling in the back of their classrooms, they decided it was time to settle down and start a serious business. Lucky for them, two out of three of their daughters were happy to help!

With expanding inventory and knowledge, Satin Crystals found a base back in the Satins' hometown of Orange County, California. Classroom sales continued, but the main source of traffic now came from packing and unpacking precious stones at tradeshows, metaphysical conferences and gem fairs.

During one of these conferences, Sunny heard about a new phenomenon: online selling and the success sellers were having with a novel new website called eBay. From that day on, Satin Crystals slowly found itself in the new space of e-commerce.

Meanwhile, business-minded daughter, Lisa Satin, decided to open a retail shop in San Francisco's Nob Hill. Sister, Sheila Satin, followed her up to Northern California. They ran the small but powerful space for a year before they decided to pack it up for one final time and focus on spreading the healing energies through the world wide web. 

Read on for a glimpse into each of their passions and how they can provide the right stones for you. lisa and sheila co-owners of satin crystals

About Lisa Satin

Lisa Satin's lifelong interest in spirituality and metaphysics naturally drew her to the family business. Lisa is now in charge of the Crystals section of Satin Crystals. She is especially drawn to the powerful energies of crystal balls and mysterious vibrations of meteorites. 

Always skilled with money, manifestation, and numbers, she is the more business-minded of the two sisters. You can call her the Big Boss and ask her any questions related to crystal shapes and the Beyond. 

About Sheila Satin

Sheila Satin's interest in the metaphysical was not inherent, but it was sparked after joining the family business. Sheila is now in charge of the Jewelry section of Satin Crystals. She creates crystal healing jewelry under the "I Dig Crystals" line. She is especially drawn to chunky pieces, bold colors, and uplifting vibes.

Attracted to the artistic side of life, Sheila has always been creative and loves the opportunity to make people happy through natural stone jewelry. She has also taken on the marketing side of the business, so if you are connecting with Satin Crystals through social media, she's probably the one replying! 

    Where do I go from here?

    Now that you have a brief overview of what Satin Crystals is all about, dive headfirst into the world of healing gemstones: 

    Contact Satin Crystals

    Feel free to contact us here in the box below or through our Facebook Page.

    We will get back to you within 24 hours, but usually much sooner. 

    Thanks for your positive energy and write away,
    Lisa & Sheila Satin