Satin Crystals has been specializing in quality minerals since 2001.  The business is under ownership of Lisa Satin, who proudly offers energetic crystals, fine gemstones, and meaningful jewelry to healers and collectors around the globe.  

Lisa Satin's lifelong interest in spirituality and metaphysics naturally drew her to the family business.  After completing her studies at UCLA, Lisa spent a few years volunteering at a grassroots organization along the Thai-Myanmar border, where she did fundraising for undocumented children. During her years abroad, she studied Crystal Healing and Hypnotherapy under her late Father Dr. Sunny Satin and received certification in both fields from the California Hypnosis Institute.

Lisa returned to California in 2005, at which time she opened her online business. In 2007 she moved to San Francisco where she operated a showroom and healing center. Her sister Sheila moved up to the Bay Area to help run Satin Crystals. Both sisters managed a successful retail shop, a community of resident healers, and taught regular courses in spirituality, meditation, jewelry making, and positive thinking. Her mother Ann Satin was a frequent guest teacher, conducting Crystal Healing and Reiki Certification courses. 

Satin Crystals is now exclusively online, continuing to offer the best in jewelry, clusters, sacred shapes, spheres, eggs, wands and specialty meteorites.  Eco-friendly elements such as cotton packaging, biodegradable bags, and reusable materials are chosen whenever possible.

Lisa is grateful and fulfilled to be working in the field she loves, surrounded by the positive energy of crystals and natural minerals.  It is her continued goal to share these treasures with people everywhere.



Lisa's sister Sheila operates I Dig Crystals, and independent web store with a niche in hand made jewelry.  Her mother Ann also offers a wide range of attractive healing gems at Sunny Crystals.





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