Do your stones come with certificates of authenticity?

Sometimes people will ask if a Satin Crystals gemstone or meteorite comes with a certificate of authenticity. The answer is no. Most of the COA's offered by other gem and mineral shops are quite meaningless- as they print up their own card and include it in your order without having the stone lab verified. It takes a certified meteorologist, mineralogist, or gemologist to be able to determine the composition of your specimen, and most retailers are not qualified to do this yet they offer a certificate anyhow. The only properly certified meteorite we have had to date was a rare 2.71 gram Tartak slice, which sold for $295. It was registered under IMCA #3655 from Poland. But rest assured, we have studied crystals, crystal healing, and mineralogy for several years and have developed a keen eye for authenticity. Here at Satin Crystals we are experienced and passionate enough to get you the real deal.


How do I place an order to an International address?

Please refer to our International Shipping page for orders outside of the USA. 

How do I know what size jewelry to order?

Please refer to our Jewelry Size Guide for a better understanding of our jewelry sizing.

What if I ordered the wrong size jewelry?

If you accidentally order the wrong size jewelry, just send it back to us for re-sizing. We create beaded and wire wrapped jewelry and can possibly re-size these pieces for you. The metal jewelry can not be resized by us, but we are happy to exchange these pieces for you; just send an email or chat message!

Legal Disclaimer

Natural stones are collectibles and entertainment items. Healing information is not a replacement or supplement to medical treatments.