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Broken or Lost Crystal Meanings

sheila of satin crystals holding a broken rhodochrosite massage wandBesides physically losing or breaking a crystal, you may want to know what it means metaphysically. Neither of these occurrences is anything to fear. The important part is that you don't dwell on the loss, but see the opportunity your missing crystal brings. 

What does it mean if I lose my crystal?

There are three different metaphysical interpretations regarding lost crystals:

1. Some people believe that a lost crystal means that you no longer need the energy of the crystal and it has gone to another person or place that needs it more.

2. The other interpretation is that you need more of that stone's particular energy and the piece you had was not strong enough.

3. The third interpretation is that the energy of the crystal was not compatible with your personal vibrations. 

If your crystal has gone on a disappearing journey, wish it well and hope for the new recipient will be filled with its positive energies. After all, we are all connected; spreading the healing love is much needed right now. 

If you do find the crystals again, it could also mean that you needed a little break from the crystals' energy and now could use its vibrations again. 

What do broken crystals mean?

Metaphysically, a broken crystal could mean the same as a lost crystal. You either no longer need its energy, you need more of the energy or you were not on the same wavelength as the crystal. 

Instead of crying over broken crystals, transform them into something useful. 

What can I do with my broken crystals?

If your crystal is broken, chipped, or scratched, it can still be used for healing. Depending on the severity of the injury, your crystal may be perfectly fit to continue on its metaphysical mission.

We called these crystals "wounded warriors."

Just like humans get a little bruised and hurt along our life path, crystals will get dinged and scarred as time goes on. That doesn't mean they are useless, they have just endured some hardships and come out stronger. 

If you don't want to use your broken crystals for healing, you can transform them.

Here are some ideas for your broken crystals: 

  • Add them to your chakra plate

  • Place them in pots and gardens, your plants won't care what the crystals look like

  • Add them to a clear vase and let them build up into a colorful display

  • Press them into a sculpture, stack them up, glue them with other materials to create intriguing art pieces

Can I glue my broken crystals?

Yes, you can glue your broken crystals together. If you think about polished and carved stones and beads, they have already been manipulated from their raw state, a little glue is not going to hurt them.

However, if you are working specifically with the energy of raw, unaltered stones, you will not want to add glue to the chipped areas. In this case, you may just want to keep working with the remaining crystal as-is.

Your Crystal Intuition

Only you hold the answer to your specific metaphysical interpretation of your lost or broken crystal.

If you have trouble accessing your subconscious mind or listening to your intuition, we would recommend meditation or learning how to open the third eye chakra

Replace your Missing Crystals

Everything comes and goes in your life. If your crystal has gone off to another adventure or it has broken in exhaustion, replace it with fresh energy. Shop the Satin Crystals Collections and find new vibrations for your aura. 

We also invite you to join the Satin Crystals VIP club and stay updated on all the latest answers from the metaphysical world. 

Still have questions? We are happy to answer them. Comment below. 

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Sheila Satin - May 11, 2020

Hi Rashmi, thanks for your questions. We have just created this blog about broken crystals because it is an extremely popular question!

For your specific case, no it is not bad luck that your Moldavite chipped. When this meteorite was created millions of years ago, Moldavite splintered into numerous pieces from its asteriod origin, scattering all over Europe. Today if your Moldavite has splintered, the energy has no difference, just like it did not millions of years ago. Size wise, it may have a little less energy, but nothing you should notice considerably in your pendant piece.

Then again, it is totally up to your intuition and how you feel about the altered pendant now that it is chipped. If you feel like it’s fine, just a “wounded warrior” like the rest of us, then you can continue to wear and heal with it as before. If you feel like it has lost some of its powers, I would replace it for a fresh Moldavite pendant.

Sheila Satin

Rashmi - May 11, 2020

Hi! Lisa and Sheila
Hope you are doing fine. I am fine too.
I had bought a moldavite pendant from you some time back. It’s edge got chipped of accidentally I wanted to know is it still use ful by that I mean does it still hold its healing properties or do I have to by a new one also does a breaking of moldavite hold any significance. Also is it bad luck if a moldavite chips off.

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