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Moon and Crystals Guides

hand holding moonstone crystals in front of a full moon framed pictureThe Moon Guides

The Moon Guides teach you how to use crystal healing power with the phases of the moon. Learn about the Full Moon, the New Moon, the Supermoon, Lunar Eclipses, and the related Moonstone gemstone.

The activity of the moon directly affects the cycles of your life. Did you know that every New Moon is a chance for you to make a drastic change and embark on a new chapter? Did you know that the Full Moon is about releasing the things that no longer serve your soul?

Don't miss out on how to use your crystals under the moon, join the Satin Crystals VIP and always be in the know. Gain access to New Moon divination readings that provide you with personal insight monthly and discover how to take advantage of the moon's superpowers with your healing stones. 

Lunar Definitions & Crystal Uses

2020 Lunar Eclipses & Full Moons: Charge your Crystals & Moonstones: Discover the astronomical and spiritual meanings of full moons and lunar eclipses. Learn how to charge your crystals and moonstones to maximize the healing benefits of these lunar phases. All the dates of the full moons and lunar eclipses in 2020 can be found here.

Supermoon 2020: Dates, Meanings & Crystal Healing: We answer your questions about what is a Supermoon with the scientific explanation as well as the spiritual significance and how it impacts you. Learn when the Supermoons of 2020 occur, the meanings, and which crystals to use this year.

Lunar Blog Library




New Moon Crystal Divination Archives

These New Moon readings provide you monthly insight about your current and future life situation. Based on your own choices, find out what crystal is your best friend for the month, and how to use the power of the New Moon to have an edge on work, relationships, home, fortune, and spirituality.


Full Moon Crystal Healing Archives

Each month we celebrate a Full Moon. Every Full Moon brings you something different. Learn about which crystals to use so you can maximize your life's journey using lunar power. In these articles, you learn the meaning of every individual Full Moon, and the crystal of the month.


Your Crystals and the Moon

Keep up with your crystal healing rituals enhanced by the phases of the moon by joining the Satin Crystals VIP Club. It's free to join and you'll be updated on lunar events, monthly crystal horoscopes, free positive affirmations, and much more. 

Gather energetic stones to use during the different lunar cycles. 

Moon Shopping Guides

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We are here to help out on your crystal healing Lunar Journeys. Reach out in the contact box below with any questions.