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Jurassic Park Journey with Fossils and Meteorites

orthoceras fossil slab for jurassic park meditation & astral travel

Wouldn't it be amazing if we could actually go back in time and view all of those giant dinosaurs? Perhaps it's not physically time yet, but with the help of Amber, Fossils and Meteorites, we can Astral Travel to these bygone times through meditation and visualization. 

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Eucrite - A Meteorite From the Goddess Vesta

front and back image of eucrite meteorite rock specimen at satin crystalsWhat's the Latest Meteorite on Offer? Gather around all you space lovers, alien fanatics, astronomy superstars, astrology nuts, metaphysical souls, and mythology followers to learn about the story of Eucrite.

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NWA Meteorites for Out-of-this-World Dads

north west african chondrite meteorites in suspension display boxes for sale at satin crystals It's time to gift the Father Figures in your life. Have you ran out of original ideas? Satin Crystals has just the answer... NWA Chondrite Meteorites for a Dad who is out-of-this-world incredible!

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