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Baubles Battle Negativity

Crystal Jewelry Heals - Satin Crystals

Jewelry is beautiful; there is no doubt about it. Baubles have adorned our ancestors throughout the ages. But how useful is this jewelry we so enjoy showing off? For jewelry made with natural elements and gemstones, I say it will be as useful as we want it to be...

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Rainbow Moonstone Necklaces (Video)

Come view our brilliant Rainbow Moonstone necklaces in our video showcase. Rainbow Moonstone is one of the most valuable of the Moonstones for its white translucent colors and its blue flashes.

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Falling in Love with Turquoise

Falling in Love with Turquoise - Satin Crystals Article

Turquoise holds a special place in our hearts. It's very well known for being used in Native American art, jewelry, and spiritual ceremonial rituals. Genuine turquoise can be tricky to acquire...

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