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New Sandstone Spheres Take You on a Nostalgic Journey

four sandstone balls - natural gemstone healing spheres for energy gazing at satin crystalsWhisk yourself away gazing into Sandstone Spheres. These limited-edition crystal balls boast bright desert landscape pictures. Just looking upon one takes you on a shamanic journey through time and space...

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Crystal Clusters for Parents

Crystals for Parents - Satin Crystals BlogHealing crystal clusters gifted to harried parents can help to balance their chaotic new worlds. Instead of adding to the pile of abandoned toys, why not gift your parent friends a large crystal cluster for the home...

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Earrings with Lucia & Baby

mother and baby modeling hoop earrings

You are invited to join us for an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at our latest Earrings Photoshoot with Lucia and her adorable baby. Who said mothers can't do it all? Enjoy the video!

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