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Memory Wire Slinkies

Memory Wire Bracelets

Did you ever play with slinkies as a kid? For those unfamiliar with memory wire bracelets, they are essentially steel slinky rings you can bead and wear as multi layered jewels.

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Noble Phurba Daggers

Noble Phurba Daggers

They may not call the Phurba a weapon, but in fact, it is a guardian against evil spirits. It is a three-headed dagger protecting you from all angles. The Phurba has been used in Tibetan tradition for centuries. 

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Tuning Forks & Crystals

Tuning Fork Chakra Set

In our instance, we use tuning forks with crystals. Tuning forks help to vibrate the energy of the healing crystals directly into the body. Tuning Forks can change the inner tuning of the body and help the body...

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