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Crystals for Better Sleep

rose quartz tower - crystals for better sleep - Satin Crystals BlogHow to Use Crystals to Sleep Better

You can't focus when you don't have enough sleep and this is something almost every adult deals with at some point in their life. Sleep is so important and when you do research online about the lack of sleep, you will find that a lack of sleep can cause many side effects from heart problems to diabetes. If you don't get a good nights rest, you may be quickly stressed out the next day which is a big problem because too much stress can lead to its own health problems such as strokes or obesity due to over eating.

Between work and home, it's sometimes too difficult to balance it if you are sleep deprived. Before long, your system is flashing overload and you are going to suffer. Not to mention the feeling of brain fog when you don't get enough sleep; You can't think straight, you are not at your best, you find yourself making to-do lists in order to remember everything that you have to do when you get home from work. Then you find yourself staying up later to get everything done only to lose even more sleep. It's a vicious cycle that you have to break. Here's how.

You need to get your rest in the bedroom, not on the couch or by the baby's crib in the floor - go to your bed.

No Electronics - NONE!

Don't bring your tablet to the bedroom to read the news before going to sleep. Don't place your phone by the bed where you are tempted to pick it up and check it when you get an email. In fact, go back to a wind up alarm clock or a clock radio to put by your side table. This also means no television in your room either. Make your bedroom a place to sleep only.

Rituals do Work

You warm up and cool down before and after a workout so why not create a ritual that prepares you for bed? You need to slow your mind down. Don't expect to be on an intense business call that leaves you feeling frazzled at 9:00pm and then go to sleep at 9:30pm. You need to have time to slow your heart rate down, forget about the stress, and imagine a good nights sleep. You may want to go as far as to place an empty box on the floor outside of your bedroom door. When you are ready to go to sleep, mentally stare at the box thinking of everything that is on your mind and it is leaping from your mind into that box. Put the lid on the box and go into your bedroom for the night. When you get up and walk out of your bedroom, take the lid off the box and start your day.

Read a few pages in a book that you never got to read before. Make sure it's not a suspense book though or you may find yourself sitting up wondering what will happen next.

Rituals are great for children when you are trying to teach them how to get through their day; get up, make your bed, get dressed, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, and all the daily activities like that. It works for your bedtime ritual as an adult.

Some examples of night time rituals include:

  • Surrounding yourself with crystals that calm, help push out the negativity, decrease energy, and promote forgiveness and an accepting heart
  • Sitting in a quiet room and meditating
  • Focus on breathing
  • Changing into pajamas
  • Listening to sounds of nature music

Some crystals to include in your calming collection include:

  • Amethyst is popular to balance the energies around your head, helping to alleviate nightmares, insomnia and headaches. Keep Amethyst at your bedside for a calm night. 
  • Moonstone vibrates with the calming energies of the moon. Keep this lunar crystal near you to lull you to a careless sleep. 
  • Celestite relaxes your overworked mind and embraces you in its beautiful blue colors like a baby robin cuddled in her nest. Celestite is connected with divine energies of the skies and the spiritual kingdom, allowing your mind to wander into the sleeping realm. 
  • Rose Quartz is an all around beauty stone; this includes the luxurious healing created during beauty sleep. Use this soft pink crystal for diving into the bliss of divine rest. 
You can use healing crystals at your bed stand, under your pillow or on your body as you fall asleep. 

Sleeping better will help you handle tomorrow in a positive way. When something doesn't work, change it. When you feel overwhelmed, give yourself five minutes alone to take long deep breaths, and carry a crystal with you to help you get a good nights sleep so you can get through your day.


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