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Free USA shipping for orders $50+

Missing Package

Satin Crystals is with you, from start to finish!

Once in awhile, customers contact us because they do not see their package even though it is marked as "Delivered" by the carrier. About 99% of the time, the package was placed in an unusual spot by the carrier or family member, or was sent to a neighbor. Upon looking around the customer is able to find it.

If you can't find your package, take the following steps:

  • Check with family members and household members, as they may have laid it aside
  • Check with neighbors who may have signed for it on your behalf 
  • Check with your postal worker and ask them where they left the package
  • Check with your local post office by visiting in person or calling on the phone with your tracking number
  • Check that the shipping address was correctly input on the order, and is your current address.
  • If it was delivered Fedex or UPS, call them with the tracking number. GPS Technology has advanced and sometimes they forget to leave a slip.
  • International deliveries are sometimes held due to customs clearance, contact your local post office or carrier and provide them the tracking number.
  • Wait an additional 48 hours. Sometimes packages are scanned as "delivered" but don't actually get delivered until a day or two later.

If you still cannot find your package, take the following steps:

Email us with your name, date, order number, missing item name, and tracking number. 

Here's what Satin Crystals will do next:

Tampering with a package is a federal crime that is absolutely punished by law. With the uptick of online commerce comes an increase of package theft and fraud. Satin Crystals takes this very seriously and we work with the Post Inspector General to find out who has tampered with your package. This person has committed a felony.

Satin Crystals is with you all the way until this is resolved. We will do the following on your behalf if you still cannot locate the package within 48 hours of emailing us:

  • Contact your Local Post Office and speak with the manager, who will then speak to the carrier to see where the package was left. Postal carriers are now equipped with GPS scanners so the Post Office should be able to locate the exact delivery location via GPS data from the scanner. Using this information, we can tell you exactly where the package was left.If the package was shipped UPS or Fedex, the same steps will be taken.
  • If the package is still not located after speaking with the carrier, further steps can be taken. This includes filing a missing package report with your Post Office who will have you sign an affidavit that the item is missing so that an investigation can be started. Even if the package was shipped UPS or Fedex, the Post Office will keep track of addresses at risk.
  • We will file a mail theft report with your local law enforcement if warranted based on the Postal Inspectors findings. 


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