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Hematite Raw Set Silver Superpower

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Style: 3 Gems

Stunningly silver and full of superpowers, this Hematite raw crystal set is a catch. Gain the protective energy of Hematite when you use these gems in crystal healing, gridding, layouts, and rituals. Why get tricked by the oh-so-common Hematine or Hemalyke when you can get real Hematite right here and right now?!

1-1.5 inches (25-38mm)

Hematite is a stone of charisma, bringing out your magnetic personality. It is known for circulating energy through your aura and enhancing your protective shield. Read more about Hematite.

Your new crystals are raw pieces of natural and untreated Hematite. These are metallic silver stones in random shapes that will leave organic red oxidized iron behind. Raw stones are measured from longest tip to tip. Each stone is unique.