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Hematite Sphere Protection Crystal Ball

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€65,95 - €84,95
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Size: 1.75-2.0 inch

You are amazed at the protective powers of Hematite and you want a sphere that is au naturel. Be one of the rare people who is not tricked into thinking that shiny, mainstream, man-made "Hemalyke" is Hematite. Skip the glossy imposter and take hold of this real Hematite orb that wears its birthday suit with pride. Lines, divots, and pockets of ochre bring you untampered, protective forces. You want Hematite that's real; this crystal ball delivers.

Hematite is a stone of charisma, bringing out your magnetic personality. It is known for circulating energy through your aura and enhancing your protective shield. Read more about Hematite.

Your new sphere is polished from natural and untreated Hematite. This is a dark metallic stone with organic veins and inclusions. Each stone is unique. Showcase your crystal ball on a display stand.