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Aura Tutorial

What is an Aura? Tutorial

What is an Aura?

Auras are often depicted as halos surrounding the bodies of holy and religious people spanning many centuries and all continents. What is not depicted is that every single body has an aura. The aura is what allows you to interact on a non-physical level (ex: feelings, thoughts, ideas) with all things. 

The aura is your body’s bio-electromagnetic field

electro=energy system
magnetic=natural polarities 
(positive & negative aspects of life)

In the 1930’s, Semyon Kirlian developed means to photograph the auric field. Plants showed definite signs of auric imbalance well before they became visibly diseased. This demonstrated that the condition of the aura is directly related to future health. 

The fact that the aura exists is no longer in question. Pioneering research spanning 25 years lead by American neurophysiologist and psychologist Dr. Valerie Hunt, has scientifically verified this phenomenon long known to ancient Eastern wisdom. 

Scientific Explanation of the Aura

Electromagnetism = form of energy. It has taken quantum physics to show that what we see as solid matter is 99.9999% empty space filled with energy. By understanding that all matter is energy it is easier to understand how we can interact with crystals. 

If the aura is weak, you lack protection against subtle invasion by other people’s thoughts and feelings and illnesses (negative energy). Auric depletion inevitably corresponds with physical, emotional or mental disease. 

Keep those Auras Bright

Strengthen the aura with energy enhancing healing crystals. Here are 3 stones that are known to brighten your Aura: 

1. Quartz

2. Selenite

3. Kunzite

Three three stones have a radiant translucency that vibrates with an all-encompassing energy. Make sure to keep them in your personal space when you are looking to strengthen your aura.

You can wear the stones as jewelry, keep tumbled pieces in your purse or pocket, hold large pieces during meditations and visualizations or lie them on your chakras during layouts.

Have you used any of these three Aura-enhancing stones? How did they make you feel?

Feel free to contact us with your stories, comments and questions at any time. 

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