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Crystal Affirmations Directory

Sheila of Satin Crystals holding up a Malachite sphere at her Crown Chakra

Crystal Healing Affirmations

There are good habits and bad habits. The way we think influences our mood and our actions. Positive affirmations help us change some of the destructive thought patterns and replace them with productive, joy-inducing habits. 

Reciting positive Crystal Affirmations is a fun, inspiring, and relatively easy way to improve your lifestyle. They can be done during your meditations, before bed, or during your daily exercise. 

Learn how to Write Crystal Affirmations for the most personalized experience.

Directory of Free Crystal Affirmations

Satin Crystals has compiled a list of free crystal affirmations for your benefit, arranged here by stone. Click into the link to find your powerful affirmations. 

hand wearing and holding angelite stone
Angelite Affirmations: Recite 12 Angelite Affirmations for calming and the Throat chakra. Channel the energy of your guardian angels, heavenly angels, and archangels to assist you on your life path. Big or small, there's an angel to help you through it all. READ NOW.

hand wearing aventurine bracelets and holding a green aventurine tower stone
Aventurine Affirmations:
 Recite 15 Aventurine Affirmations all about money. Whether you are looking for an abundance mindset, want to call in wealth, or enjoy the prosperity you have, these manifestations will get you on track to a positive relationship with the Universe. READ NOW.

hands wearing bloodstone bracelets holding up a bloodstone slab crystal
Bloodstone Affirmations: Find 8 Bloodstone Affirmations within our article about how to create your own affirmation. The topics include Bloodstone for courage, confidence, business success, decision making, Heart chakra, love, energy circulation, and abundance. READ NOW.

hand holding citrine tumbled stone
Citrine Affirmations: Citrine affirmations help you attract piles of prosperity, sun energy, and solar plexus healing.Here are 12 free Citrine mantras to recite everyday. READ NOW.
hand holding 4 quartz tourmaline spheres
Crystal Ball Affirmations: Crystal balls are powerful tools in your metaphysical practices, transcending time and space. Use them in your manifestation practice for Universal knowledge, harmony, and Feng Shui. Here are 12 free crystal ball affirmations for your past, present, and future healing. READ NOW.

hand holding garnet stones and wearing garnet bracelets
Garnet Affirmations
These Garnet positive affirmations are geared to attracting vibrant health and luxurious wealth. Why live a life of lack when you can get all glitzed up with Garnet? Here are 12 free crystal affirmations for your health and wealth. READ NOW.
hand wearing and holding jasper stones
Jasper Affirmations: Full of colorful varities, Jasper is great for all kinds of fun affirmations. Here are 15 free affirmations focusing on Red Jasper for solar power, Green Jasper for protection and insight, Brown Jasper for worldly pursuits, Ocean Jasper for expansive spirituality, and Picture Jasper for creative expressionREAD NOW.

hand wearing and holding labradorite stones



Labradorite Affirmations: This magical stone takes you on astral journeys and lights up your earthly personality. Whether you are connecting with the supernatural or seeking motivation here on Earth, here are 12 free affirmations for Occult Magic, Strong Personalities, and Protection. READ NOW.

hand holding libyan desert glass and jewelry

Libyan Desert Glass Affirmations: Conjure up the forces of sun, stars, and sand with Libyan Desert Glass. Here are 12 free affirmations revolving around sun, sand, and star energy by harnessing the powers of your Yellow Tektites. READ NOW.

hand wearing three lapis lazuli stretch bracelets holding up a lapis palm stone oval slab

Lapis Lazuli Affirmations: The premier stone for indulging your psychic Third Eye chakra, Lapis Lazuli Affirmations open your visions to a whole new world. Here are 12 free affirmations revolving around opening the Third Eye chakra, life choices, and manifesting and fulfilling new ideas. READ NOW.

Malachite Affirmations: One of the most intense crystals on the mineral spectrum, you want to recite Malachite Affirmations for quick and powerful results. We provide you with 12 free sayings based on the themes of Malachite for healing deep trauma, lucky good fortune, Heart chakra healing and past life therapy. READ NOW.
hand holding moldavite necklaces and raw
Moldavite Affirmations:
Just when you thought you were mastering crystal affirmations, we throw an alien tektite you way! Moldavite affirmations are out of this world extraordinary. You get 15 free mantras that attract good luck, abundance, spirituality, infinite joy, and cosmic love your way. READ NOW.

hand wearing moonstone bracelets holding two peach moonstone spheres
Moonstone Affirmations: Perfect to recite during the New Moon, Full Moon, and other lunar activities, here are 15 free Moonstone affirmations. The themes include Moonstone for New Beginnings, Safe Travels, Feminine Energy, Psychic Energy, and Solar Plexus Chakra healing. READ NOW.

hand holding three moqui marbles
Moqui Marble Affirmations: Tune in to the earthy energy of these rare Moqui Marble stones when you recite these 12 affirmations. The themes include Moqui Marbles for Yin Yang balance, Shamanic Healing, and Grounding. READ NOW.

hand wearing obsidian bracelets and holding a black obsidian merkaba
Obsidian Affirmations: Create that web of protection and transmute the unwanted away from your aura. These 16 mantras focus on protecting your aura, transforming negative thoughts, psychic readings, and attracting manifestations. READ NOW.

hand wearing black onyx and holding onyx crystals
Onyx Affirmations:
Gain the strength of your Ox Guardian animal, reciting thee 12 positive affirmations. Attract physical strength, mental strength, and a shield of protection with your Onyx stones. READ NOW.

Quartz Affirmations: Are you seeking clarity of mind, body, and soul? Nothing beats doing crystal affirmations with the Master Healer Crystal, Quartz. They inspire the mind and reverberate with the highest healing light of the divine. READ NOW.
hand holding two red quartz spheres
Red Quartz Affirmations: Get your mojo going with these 12 Red Quartz affirmations. With your red crystals in hand, repeat the positive mantras to ignite your Fire energy, attract the best relationships, and open your Root chakra. READ NOW.
hand wearing rose quartz bracelets and holding rose quartz crystals
Rose Quartz Affirmations: Attract the love you desire with these 12 Rose Quartz affirmations. With your pink crystals in hand, repeat the mantras to manifest love for lovers, family, friendships, and self-love. READ NOW.

hand holding selenite stones
Selenite Affirmations:
Connect with White Light when you recite these Selenite affirmations. Here are powerful mantras for sealing the aura, spiritual healing, and moon and sun energy. READ NOW.

hand holding and wearing smoky quartz
Smoky Quartz Affirmations:
Are you looking to feel clear, confident, and safe?When you recite these mantras, you summon good vibrations to replace the bad energy attached to your aura. READ NOW.

hand holding a golden tigers eye heart stone
Tigers Eye Affirmations: If you are seeking confidence and courage to pursue your business goals, these affirmations are perfect for you. Recite these 15 manifestations on focus, protection, grounding and success. READ NOW.
hand holding black tourmaline sphere
Tourmaline Affirmations: When you are looking for a well-rounded crystal, choose the many colors of Tourmaline. Recite these 12 affirmations for protection, love, self-esteem, and happiness with your Black Tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline, and Rainbow Tourmaline stones. READ NOW.

Positive Affirmations for each Chakra

You will also find positive mantras to recite for each chakra: 

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