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Free USA shipping for orders over $55.
Free USA shipping for orders over $55.

How to Earn Rewards Points

sheila of satin crystals holding a tall stack of purple gift boxes
Did you know that you can easily earn Crystal Rewards Points and redeem them for free gemstones and jewelry?

If you have a Satin Crystals account, you probably have Crystal Cash in there that you didn't even know about. Don't let it deteriorate, learn how to trade it for freebies right away.

You can choose from 1000's of Satin Crystals treasures.

Here are a few examples:

satin crystals rewards chart
How to earn Satin Crystals rewards points

Earning rewards is easy and fun. Let's go over how to earn reward points with a picture tutorial. 

Create an Account: 100 Points!

You get points just to create a free account.

  • Go to and create an account

  • You could also click on the gift icon at the bottom of the screen (see photo) to create an account

  • If you already have an account, login with your username and password

mobile view of homepage to show where to click the rewards center icon

Start Earning Rewards

  • After you are logged in, the purple gift icon servers as your Rewards Points center. Click on it any time to expand.

  • To start earning more Rewards, click on the "Earning Points" button (see photo)

mobile view of showing where to earn points
This will bring you to a menu that allows you several ways to instantly earn more points:
mobile view of showing reward levels 

Click on the purple buttons for the actions that you wish to participate in: 

Add your Birthday: 100 points!

We love celebrating birthdays! Input your birthday into your account, and when it comes around, you reap the rewards.

Subscribe to our Youtube: 100 points!

It's as simple as a click of a button. Subscribe to the Satin Crystals Youtube channel through your account link and earn your rewards. You also get instant access to 100's of our videos about crystal healing, new item showcases, and more.

Make a Purchase: Unlimited Points!

This is an enjoyable and endless way to earn points. Every time you purchase through your Satin Crystals account, you automatically get 1 point per dollar spent. Make sure you are logged in when you shop. 

Bonus Points for Purchase: 300 Points!

For every order over $300 you will get a bonux of 300 points. Make sure you checkout with your Satin Crystals account and the points will be deposited automatically. 

Write a Review: Unlimited Points!

Your opinion counts. No matter what feedback you give us, we reward you with 100 points for each product review you post. Write about the products you purchased, the products gifted to you, even the products that you gifted to others. We wanna hear it all. Bonus: 10 points for every photo you upload and 100 points for every video you upload with your review!

Share on Social Media: 50 Points!

Spread the word about your love for Satin Crystals through your social media world and you will receive 50 points. Make sure you are logged in and click on the rewards panel to share for points. 

Share on Social Media: 50 Points!

Like and Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to earn 50 points on each platform. So easy! Just make sure you do it when you are logged in and on the rewards panel.

Your Anniversary: 50 Points!

You will be gifted 50 points just for being a part of the Rewards Program every year on your Satin Crystals anniversary. 

Join the VIP: Unlimited Points!

When you are part of the Satin Crystals free email VIP club, you get information right from the comfort of your inbox. We often send out special promotions and contests where you can win or earn rewards points. Make sure to read all your mails, we love to mix it up! 

Refer a Friend: Unlimited Points!

Do you love Satin Crystals? Tell the world! Have your buddies sign up through your referral link, and they will be rewarded with 15% off their first purchase. You are rewarded with 200 points after they order. It's a win-win situation! Refer as many friends as you want, and keep earning.

To find your referral link, look below the "Earning Points" and "Redeem Points" button. There is a link for you to send to friends. Copy and paste it anywhere.

Or, simply push "Facebook", "Twitter", or "Email" to have it automatically loaded for you.

mobile view of to show refer-a-friend program

How to redeem Satin Crystals rewards points

And now on to the best part! When you are ready to redeem your rewards, click on the "Redeem Points" button from your Rewards Points Center. view of how to redeem your points

As you can see, the number of points you have available is shown on the top of the screen. Now it's time to pick your reward: view of rewards point chart 

Redeem for immediate or future shopping

Click on the "Redeem" button, and you will instantly receive a code to use right on the screen.

  • To apply it to your account immediately, push the "Apply Code"

  • To save it for the future,  you can exit the screen; the code has been emailed to your inbox so you can use it any time you please

Happy Shopping and Redeeming!

Note that Rewards Points cannot be used on gift cards or in combination with any other promotional codes, but there are plenty of treasures to use them on!

What else should you know about Satin Crystals?

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Still have questions about your Satin Crystals rewards? We are standing by to help you with anything crystal-wise. Contact us below and either Sheila or Lisa will get back to you.