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Health Tutorial

Health Multiplier with Stones and Manifestation - Satin Crystals TutorialHealth Multiplier 

For this practice, you can use either a Red Jasper, Labradorite or both crystals together. Red Jasper flows with the energy of physical strength and circulates fresh energy to the organs. Labradorite flows with the energy of motivation and is often used among athletes. Along with a powerful affirmation, you will have the key to breaking negative attitudes about health. Personally I have always been quite lazy when it comes to exercise, energetically limiting myself to the full powers of health in the universe. Using this method of attracting health, I am beginning to break the cycle. After all, if you think you don't like exercise, you won't!!

Manifesting Health

Choose the largest crystals that will still be comfortable in your hands. For this practice you are going to hold the crystals while doing some form of exercise, so choose something smooth; eggs, hearts and spheres are ideal. After cleaning, charging and programming your crystals, place them somewhere within easy reach. If it's easiest for you to see them when you wake up, place them on your bed stand. If you are going to do your exercise in the living room, make a spot for your crystals here.

Holding both crystals in your hands, repeat your positive affirmation 21 times. For example, I would say "I am health" or "I am physically fit". You can adapt these statements or come up with your own, but make sure they are positive statements said in the present. 

You can choose one exercise movement to repeat every day or you can switch it up. For example, if you are going to do jumping jacks, repeat the affirmation within 21 jumping jacks and allow the energy of the crystals to flow through your aura. Adapt the exercise to your abilities. 

Repeat this affirmation for 30 days. 


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