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How to Use New Beginning Crystals

girl with crystalsEvery once in a while, you must shed your old life for a new one. Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, you are ready for greener pastures. To help you through this transformation, take comfort in healing crystals. 

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What crystals are good for New Beginnings?

Here are the top 7 recommended crystals for New Beginnings. These are the best crystals to move forward in your life. Get out of the rut and never look back. 

natural peach moonstone stone sphere - satin crystals meanings
Moonstone is the number one crystal that comes up when looking for stones to help you through New Beginnings. Like the phases of the moon, Moonstone provides smooth energy through your transitions. Choose Moonstone when you are looking for a healing crystal promoting positive change. 
natural green prehnite stone - satin crystals meanings

Prehnite is the stone of spring and renewal. You can see why because of its fresh green colors. Choose Prehnite when you need a breath of fresh air and to know that the grass indeed is greener on the other side.

natural green and yellow chrysoprase stone sphere - satin crystals meanings

Chrysoprase is the crystal for new love. Perhaps you have found yourself in a new relationship or you are on a journey to get to know yourself, Chyrsoprase refreshes your Heart chakra energies. Use this beautiful green stone when you are looking to dust out the cobwebs in your heart and a crystal for moving forward in your relationships. 

natural orange banded stone sphere - crystal healing meaningsCarnelian is the stone for new opportunities. It is an excellent energy for the Sacral Chakra, where your creativity flows. If blocked, you may be experiencing trouble in finding successful new ventures. So if you are looking for a gemstone for getting a new job, a job promotion, or career growth, choose Carnelian. 

natural clear quartz stone ball - satin crystals meanings

Quartz is the master of change. This omniscient stone is excellent for boosting your aura energies to make your presence known. It allows you to make a positive statement in your transformation for any new beginning. Use Quartz crystal when you are focused on rebirth; from behind the scenes to center stage, take the starring role in your life.

natural golden brown tigers eye stone sphere - satin crystals meanings

Tigers Eye is a stone of confidence and courage and applies strongly to business. This powerful stone takes you boldly into your new business endeavors. Use it for logical thinking and decisiveness in your professional life.

natural white and gray howlite stone - satin crystals healing

Howlite helps to keep you on the right path. So when it's time to change courses and choose a new fork in the road, this stone is there to make the transition a smooth one. Use Howlite to help you look forward and stay true to your life's goals. 

calcite new beginnings crystal

Calcite is a cleansing stone. Just like it neutralizes acids and helps in calcium absorption in your physical body, this stone is used to keep your aura flowing free. Cut ties with toxic energies and focus on the beneficial aspects of your life. Use Calcite when you want a fresh start physically and metaphysically. 

Crystals for Moving Forward

Most people find the status quo to be very comfortable. Even when they complain and feel a lack of fulfillment, they resist change. If that sounds like you, don't feel bad. You were born to be cautious of change, it is part of the species' survival instincts.

However, your instincts and intuition know when it is time to move on from something that no longer serves you. There is a struggle between the safe known world and the unknown future. You can only get to the future unknown by taking a leap. Healing Crystals help you take that leap needed to move forward.

There are all kinds of new beginnings that await you once you are ready to move on. Let's talk about some of the major ones.  

New Beginnings that require emotional leaps include:

  • New Relationships

  • New Jobs

  • New Business Ventures

  • New Habits

  • New Homes

  • New Travel Adventure Journeys

girl and angelite egg

Are crystal eggs good for new beginnings?

A crystal egg represents new beginnings. Looking for a fresh start? Crystal eggs are perfect! They infuse magic and miracles into your life. Symbolizing Spring, they represent fertility and a flourishing life force. Perfect for youthfulness, sexuality, and life energy!

If you are looking for a fresh start, crystal eggs are perfect for you. 

Learn more about using Crystal Eggs for New Beginnings

What crystals are for new relationships?

Do you know people who are constantly talking about how they want love, yet have taken no actions to move themselves forward? I do. For many people, it's easy to want a partner, but harder to break the status quo of being single.

If you find it hard to attract a partner, maybe it is because you have gotten used to doing things your way without having to compromise. Or maybe you have had bad experiences in the past and are afraid to get burned again.

Some people may fear physical intimacy. Others may lack the confidence to take the first steps. There are also those who have lost a soul mate and are still grieving.

Moonstone helps you with transitions, and new relationships require a lot of transitioning. Moonstone's natural calming abilities can help you overcome your previous hold-ups.

Some people need the extra push to get out of a bad relationship so they can start anew. Everyone needs a confidence boost to forge ahead and meet a new person.

Wear Moonstone jewelry on your first date, or have Moonstone crystals in your pocket. White, black, bronze, and cream Moonstone do the job well. Peach and pink Moonstones are your most powerful friends in relationship work.

Prehnite and Chrysoprase are new beginning crystals that also happen to open the Heart chakra. They are specifically energized to succeed in finding and retaining a new soul mate. Visualize and do positive love affirmations with these stones in the privacy of your own home. Carry and wear them when you are with your new partner.

For those who are still stuck in a bad relationship, pair your new beginnings crystals with Fuchsite. This crystal helps you reverse patterns of martyrdom and lets you bounce back from tense situations. It is usually found with Ruby in the form of Ruby Fuchsite, which brings you even more passionate love energy.

For those who need help grieving the loss of a partner (through death or break-up), we recommend you pair your new beginnings crystals with Chrysocolla. Chrysocolla is the stone that helps heal heartbreaks.

What crystals are for new jobs?

The job-hunting market can be a tough one. The whole process is tiring. It's easy to lose your motivation. As we mentioned above, Carnelian is an excellent stone for those looking for a transition in their careers. 

Wear Carnelian jewelry or have some Carnelian tumbled stones tucked discreetly in your pocket, programmed for success during interviews, auditions, or networking events.

Whether you are looking for a career change, a promotion, or a brand new role in your existing pursuits, try some orange Carnelian stones. This crystal vibrates with your Sacral chakra, where your creative energies flow. Let Carnelian activate your natural confidence and creative thinking to let your personality shine during your next job interview. 

If you are extra jittery and nervous, pair it with Jet stone to overcome your fears.

sheila of satin crystals holding up a raw slab of golden brown tigers eye stone for new beginnings

What crystals are good for a new business?

If you are an entrepreneur, feed your spirit with a new business venture. Not all people were meant to work in corporations. Some people thrive as their own boss, doing things they are passionate about. The crystal for new entrepreneurs is Tigers Eye.

Tigers Eye works to build up your courage and confidence as you embark on a new and exciting professional adventure. Whether you are an artist ready to debut your work, a lawyer opening a new law firm, or a Reiki master about to begin your private healing practice, you will need a little luck and a lot of confidence to move forward.

Tigers Eye also helps bring success once you have made those first steps. It is a stone of success in business, and we recommend you always have Tigers Eye watching over your practice. A large sphere, sculpture, or Tigers Eye stone will help your business thrive.

What crystals are for new habits?

Breaking bad habits and forming healthy ones is tough! Habits are pathways of thought that have been fortified in our heads through repetition. Many habits have been with us since childhood. And yet, sometimes it is vital that we need to cut out the old and bring in the new.

There are bad mental habits like career self-sabotage and bad physical habits like over-eating. Physical habits are a result of mental habits.

To break old habits and embrace new beginnings, we recommend Quartz as your cheerleader crystal. If the habit is also physical, we recommend Quartz and Howlite together.

The desire to break a habit is usually brought on by extreme events that make us re-evaluate ourselves. A smoker may want to stop once he or she is diagnosed with lung cancer. A gambler may want to stop once he or she has lost his house. An alcoholic may want to stop when his or her spouse threatens divorce.

Mental habits are just as destructive and usually formed in childhood. The fear of success may be holding you back from moving forward in the workplace. A lack of self-esteem could keep you stuck in a bad relationship. The need for control may be making you miserable every time a small disruption in your routine comes about.

Whatever the reason or habit, once you have your mindset, there is a tough and often long transitional journey ahead. Hypnotherapy is a great tool to help with breaking habits, and using crystals will amplify your efforts.

Keep Quartz and Howlite with you at all times to remind you of the positive reasons for these changes. Some changes come about easier and faster, but most changes take time and work.

Crystals will help calm your nerves as you move through the dark clouds of bad habits into the light of good habits.

What crystals are for new homes?

Are you looking for a new place to live? The housing market can be tough, especially in the big cities. We have had many experiences with this. That's how we initially moved out of San Francisco and into Oakland; we were looking to buy a house and the prices had just reached their prime as we were ready to put a down payment. 

In the end, it turned out to be a blessing as we were turned on to all of the pros of living on the other side of the bridge. I couldn't imagine going back to the city at this point. Though the process of finding the right house and winning the bid was frustrating, I kept calm and focused with clear Quartz. 

Congratulations, you found a new home! Clear Quartz is not only good for manifestation and focus, but it is also excellent for cleansing a new home. We told you it was a Renaissance stone!  

What crystals are for new journeys?

Getting out of your routine takes courage. Some people stick with the familiarity of their comfort zone all of their lives.

If you are a novice at travel, crystals can help you overcome your hesitations and help you focus on your excitement. Moonstone is excellent for a soothing and comforting energy. Meditate with Moonstone before your journey, carry it with you during your journey, and cherish the reminder of your success after your journey. 

If you are an adventurous type, you will have mastered the nerves that come with novice travel. However, you could still use crystals to manifest the goals you wish you to achieve on your next journey.

Do you want to make new friends? do you want to attract a special love? do you want to visit humanity's kindness? Whatever your goals, choose Apatite stone to take or wear on your next journeys. This crystal of manifestation will excite you for an "adventurous journey."

It's your time to Shine

Are you going through a time of transition and change? Have you used any of the Crystals for New Beginnings? We would love to hear from you. 

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Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.