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Opal Meanings

white opal sphere

Can you benefit from Opal stones?

If you can answer yes to one or more of these statements, Opal stones can benefit and enhance your life:

  • You are looking to activate you imagination

  • You seek peace and happiness

  • You need a stone of New Beginnings

What is Opal?

Opal is hydrated silica. You will find common Opals and precious Opals in a variety of colors and inclusions. Here are a few different colors of Opal: 

Blue Opal will vary in its color intensity and may show mineral inclusions. Blue Opal aids the respiratory organs and skin irritations. Use the healing stone to reduce stress-related anxieties. Blue Opal may be used to open and balance the Throat Chakra.

Fire Opals re-energizes us in situations of exhaustion, withdrawal and resignation. Fire Opals are a rare variety of the Opal family, glowing with a deep orange and red colors produced by Iron and Manganese minerals.

Pink Opal is a creamy pink stone which may show black mineral inclusions. Pink Opal is used to regulate metabolism. Use Pink Opal to open and balance the Heart Chakra.

White Opal is a translucent to opaque stone which may show natural inclusions. White Opal is used at the Crown chakra to connect with the spiritual realm. 

Shopping for Opal Stones

Opal is a mesmerizing addition to your stone collection. Shop the Opal Collection on the website or here on the blog:

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How do you feel about Opal? Do you have a favorite type? Have you done any healing work with this stone? We'd love to hear your stories or answer any questions you may have about Opal. Contact us below and we'll get back to you. 

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