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FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Size Guide for Healing Crystals

comparison of crystal ball sizes

What Size Crystal should I buy? 

This is a question we receive often because it's hard to gauge the actual crystal sizing when shopping online. 

We have recorded a video to help you determine crystal ball sizes.

Watch and then shop with confidence: 

Does the size of a healing crystal matter?

Crystal size does matter. The larger the crystal, the more the energy it can give and receive. This does not mean you want to run out and get the biggest crystal out there (you wouldn't be able to carry it anyway). You want to use common sense and shop for the crystal that is relative to what you will be using it for. 

For example, a tiny Quartz sphere won't do much in a large living room, but it would be perfect by your laptop. A gigantic Amethyst geode would overwhelm a small bedside table but it would do well protecting the energies at the front entrance of your house. 

Think about what you want the crystal for and then you can find the right size. If you want something for holding in your hands for meditation, you'll want a palm-sized stone. If you want a stone for group harmony in the dining room, you'll want a large cluster. 

While there is no cut-and-dry answer, your crystal size matters. If you need help determining what size crystal to get, we are here to help! Contact us through the comment box below. 

Not familiar with inches?

If you are unfamiliar with measuring in inches, here is an easy way to convert your measurements from millimeters: Google Calculator

Got a handle on Gemstone Sizing? 

Here are some other useful links for shopping online for your gemstone treasures: