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The Color Green Meanings

jessica of satin crystals looking down at her hand holding two malachite eggs

Nothing makes you feel more natural than the color green. It eases you into your surroundings, reminding you that you're an important Being of planet Earth.

Green sings odes to the heart while lavishing you in emotional and physical abundance. Green signifies forward movement because the soul should never stay stagnant.

Be a rolling stone of Green Serpentine who gathers no moss.

hand holding three green diopside stone eggs

The Meaning of the Color Green

Green represents growth. It is the color of flourishing hearts and souls. It is the color of wealth, abundance, and prosperity. It is the color of money in many cultures, positive gains, and assets.

Green is all about expanding yourself, both as a person and as a material being. It is the color that gets us going and on the move. To give someone the "green light" means permitting them to move forward at full speed ahead because it is safe to do so.

Green is also the color of the planet. You've heard the phrase "go green". It means to do good by the planet. This huge Green movement brings awareness to humanity that we are a part of the earth and not owners of the earth. Somewhere along the timeline of existence, we forgot this concept and separated ourselves. People have abused the earth and paid for it, and now we hope to find the way back to balance.

Yet, green goes even beyond the planet. It is the color we associate with aliens, and the popular meteoric mineral Moldavite.

The Dark Side of Color Green

On the other hand, green could also signify jealousy, ailment, and disease. Have you heard of the Green-Eyed Monster? It means that jealousy is lurking its ugly head. If someone or something is looking green, it means he, she or it is undergoing ailment or disease.

What about the color green for healing? Let's find out...

    hands holding two green aventurine arrowhead pendants

    Crystal Healing with the Color Green

    Green is nature's healer. Think about the natural healing properties of plants like aloe vera, that can be used to soothe your cuts. Think about the vast world of herbs that can boost your immune system and reduce your ailments. Think about the rich variety of vegetables that fill you up with vitamins and nutrients. Green is a true healer.

    Green is critical in crystal healing. It is the color that lights up the very center of your being- the Heart Chakra. Through the journey of the heart is how you grow the most in this lifetime. Green infuses your Heart chakra with healthy love energy, teaching you how to give and receive love in the way that it was meant to be.

    With a glowing green hue shining through the Heart chakra, you can endure and recover from heartbreak. You can learn the lessons that make you stronger. Green makes your spirit resilient, and you fall in love again. It helps you forge relationships, friendships, and a bond with all of humanity.

    To learn more in detail about the green and the Heart chakra, visit Healing the Heart Chakra Article.

    Green for Abundance

    Green is important in teaching you to accept and encourage abundance in your life. Have you been programmed to believe that you're only entitled to a small share of the pot? That those who have more must deserve it more? With green crystals, you break these false misconceptions and come to realize that you too were meant to enjoy life and all of its spoils.

    To activate the energies of abundance and growth, use green healing crystals in your practice. 

    Top 5 Green Crystals

    green malachite sphere for healing

    MalachiteThis lucky charm crystal is called the Power Stone. It is so intense in healing your deepest, darkest traumas that you better be ready to work with Malachite or else! If you're not yet ready to tackle those demons, use Malachite for its other properties instead. It's as Lucky as a Lephrechaun, bringing you love, joy, wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

    aventurine sphere for healing

    Aventurine: This is the ultimate stone of abundance. If you're looking to thrive in the workplace, be it your entrepreneurship or at a company, don't skip Aventurine. Have Aventurine on your desk and place of business. In fact, have more Aventurine in your purse or pocket to keep the greens flowing in.

    green amazonite for healing

    AmazoniteThis relaxing stone transports you to paradise. Hold Amazonite to feel like you're taking a tropical vacation. Gaze into the shimmering green pools within the crystal and let your worries fade away. You don't always have to be so tense and anxious- keep Amazonite around to remind you how to lighten up.

    green jasper sphere for healing

    JasperWhen Jasper takes on a green color, it becomes a great stone for plants and pets. Green Jasper has an earthy and natural energy that is soothing and healing. Crocodile Jasper is very protective, while Green Ocean Jasper invites you to explore the depths of your soul.

    moldavite crystal for healing

    MoldaviteWhile green usually reminds us of the earth, Moldavite defies this notion by reminding us instead of aliens. Moldavite is for space lovers, dreamers, philosophers, and those who believe they can touch the stars. Moldavite is also the Meteorite of cosmic love.

    While those are the top 5 green stones for healing, there are many more out there. You may find your Heart chakra vibing with a different green stone. Visit the Satin Crystals Green Collection to shop green stones and jewelry in the above 5 crystals and more like Serpentine, Turquoise, Zoisite, Moss Agate, and Emerald.

    hands wearing moss agate bracelets holding moss agate palm stone

    Cultural Significance of Green

    Green is a meaningful color in cultures around the world. Find out what it means in each. 

    Western Culture

    Green symbolizes luck. The shamrocks and lucky four-leaf clovers come to mind as historically seeded symbols of protection and good fortune. Leprechauns, gnomes, fairies, and sprites are portrayed with green. Even animated creations like Tinkerbell and Shrek are adorned in green. They are lucky, magical, and natural.

    Color Green represents Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. With its plethora of rolling hills and Saint Patrick's day traditions, green is celebrated in these countries.

    In the Christmas tradition, green represents the eternal life of Jesus. It's no coincidence that green represents the cycle of life, as it's reflected around the planet. 

    Green in the global meaning represents trees, forests, and nature. The American organization Green Peace fights to save the Earth, while the political Green Party has a focus on environmental issues as well. The green camouflage of the military uniform has come to mean freedom and safety, although its coloring is for functional purposes of blending into the woods.

    Americans associate green with money. The dollar is green and green signifies profits. With the growing movement of marijuana legalization, green reminds many Westerners of this natural herb as well. 

    Eastern Culture

    Eastern culture shares many of the green meanings as Western culture. Green is a symbol for the planet and Mother Earth. The green light is universally signifying safety in movement.

    Green is a color of abundance, fertility, and youth. Chinese cherish the cabbage as an auspicious symbol of fertility, which yields an abundance of children and grandchildren. Jade is the most meaningful gemstone in Asian culture because it represents prosperity and good luck. Yet a Chinese man cannot wear a green hat because it means that his wife cheated on him.

    In India green represents new beginnings, harvest, and happiness. Again this relates to the theme of earth and all the abundance it provides. Because green is tied to happiness in Hinduism, a widow is not supposed to wear the color green.

    sheila of satin crystals holding green malachite spheres

    Great Green Crystal Orbs 

    Go Green! Green up your home, office, and garden with these real green crystal orbs. These natural healing spheres are ready to bring you all that your heart desires. 

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    sheila of satin crystals wearing green seraphinite stretch bracelets

    Gorgeous Green Bracelets

    Take your luck to go. With green gemstone bracelets, you get all the abundance and prosperity of green crystals all day and all night. Just slip it on and glow with the aura of success.

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    Continue the Crystal Journey

    Are you ready to flourish with green crystals? Go ahead, we give you the green light to forge onwards...

    Have any green-related questions? Feel free to contact us!