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Do you know your Birthstones?

do you know your birthstonesDo you know your birthstones? These are the stones that harmonize with your arrival on earth. Your birthstones vibrate with your unique frequency. They help you feel balanced and alive. 

If you have been neglecting your birthstones all this time, you may be missing out on cosmic and metaphysical benefits. Discover your birthstones and learn how they maximize your life potential.

Why are there multiple birthstones for each month?

There are many different birthstone charts out there. How do you know which gemstones to choose?

Just like there are multiple crystals for every problem, there are many birthstones you could use depending on your situation.

You are a one-of-a-kind individual. You can find the perfect birthstones by experimenting with several until you find the match! 

What stone is my Birthstone?

  • BIRTHSTONES BY MONTH were assigned by different cultures over many centuries. There are Traditional/Ancient Birthstone charts and newer Modern Birthstone Charts. Check out which crystals correspond to your birth month.

  • BIRTHSTONES BY ZODIAC are even more varied. There are differing opinions as to which stones correspond with which zodiac horoscopes. However, with a little guidance, you can see, feel and intuitively know which are your affinity stones. Check out which birthstones go with your zodiac sign.

How do I choose a Birthstone?

With all of the different birthstone charts out there, it can get overwhelming for you to choose just one birthstone. 

We have gathered a list of important birthstones according to your month and zodiac. Browse the lists and choose your favorites. Whether you are attracted to their names, their colors, or their crystal healing properties, start with the ones that call the loudest.

After you have collected your birthstones and work with them energetically, you will have a better idea of which ones vibe best. Your preferences may also change over time as your life situations change, so it's nice to have all on hand.

Because birthstones are so subjective (as we can see from the variations in charts out there), it is very important that you form your own decision as to which gemstone works for you at the moment. 

Is it Good Luck to wear your Birthstone?

Although you might not win the lottery by wearing your birthstones, you may feel a boost in your energy.

Birthstones are important in crystal healing because they connect your physical self with your spiritual self. To be holistically healthy, you must balance your chakras and your aura.

Birthstones are the metaphysical link between the physical world and your spiritual path.

Choose your Birthstones

Have you experimented with your birthstones? How many do you have? Get connected to yours now. 

If you have any questions, comments or stories, post them here on the blog or contact us directly. We are happy to hear from you!

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Lisa Satin - February 24, 2020

Hi Kendrick! Yes, you have Amethyst for your birth month of February. However, you also have a bunch of stones that correspond to your Zodiac sign. As a Pisces, your stone list includes Amethyst, Aquamarine, Charoite, Moonstone, Rose Quartz and Turquoise. You can visit the page and scroll down toward the bottom. When you find the section for Pisces, you can click on each of the stone names to learn more about them. If you have any more questions, let us know! And… Happy Birthday!

Kendrick Lewallen - February 24, 2020

I understand that amethyst crystal is my birth stone. However I read that there are multiple birthstones for each month(your website is filled with lots of awesome information about the complex crystals world, I have learned something new, thanks for the valuable information),I had no idea! I would love to know what my other birthstones are? Thanks 🙏

Sheila Satin - January 8, 2020

Hi Sam, thanks for writing to us. Just to clarify, are you asking for a printed catalog of our inventory?

If so, we do not create printed catalogs. Our inventory is constantly changing and we have over 2000+ items at any given time.

You are welcome to check all current crystals at and all metaphysical meanings can be found at

You can also search a term directly in the search bar on the front page and all the product, blogs and articles will come up that mention the search term (if you are doing this on mobile, you may have to click “view all results” to see the informational blog and article results.

If you have specific questions or need specific suggestions, we are here to guide you to the right product or informational page on our website.

I know it can get a little overwhelming with all the choices!

Sheila Satin

Sam - January 8, 2020

Hello I was wondering if I can get a book or paper of all the rocks you have for sale and their meanings/healing powers…. thank you so much for your time. ~Sam

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