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FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55 & up

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from Satin Crystals holding a large septarian stone eggWe feel gratitude to you, our spiritual clan, on this special day. Easter is a celebration of life and new spring energy. Sharing a community amongst sacred souls is a true blessing. Thank you!

From the master healers who have walked with us for decades to the newcomers who are starting their crystal journey, thank you for your services.

From the Moldavite mania that swept through our store to the Carnelian crowd that demonstrated the power of mass consciousness, we appreciate you all. 

To that random person who messages us about a spelling error once in a blue moon, you make this world interesting.

Easter is a celebration of Jesus Christ rising from death and defying hardship. No matter what your religion, we can all relate to overcoming challenges. It is easier with the support of others. That is why we have welcomed your questions and stories throughout the years. Satin Crystals is here to help you get the crystals you desire and the answers you seek.

We don't know it all but love learning it with you.

A special thanks to our Satin Crystals VIP community.

From our home to yours, we wish you a happy Easter,

Lisa, Sheila, and Ann Satin

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